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*Achieving Bliss Through Prayer – Register Here 

Angela Montano, ALSP – (10 Week Online Course)

Gandhi said:  “Prayer from the heart can achieve what nothing else in the world can.”  The ultimate power of prayer transcends religion and connects us to our true spiritual nature and power. It is time we access this power within us that we may transcend our own suffering and lift others out of their suffering. Prayer is the calling to “reach beyond” ….it is our deepest instinct and our greatest technology. True prayer is a real power we all possess.

In this extraordinary 10 week course, Spiritual Practitioner Angela Montano inspires a new conversation about prayer and teaches profound secrets to cultivating a luminous prayer practice. By joining her, you are opening to an experience of love and prayer that is transformational. You are calling forth heaven on earth, not only for you, but for those you love, and the world.

In this course, you will:

  • Create a clearing for a deeply transformative power prayer;
  • Learn what it means to be held…truly held in prayer;
  • Discover a new perspective on prayer that allows you to cultivate bliss;
  • Learn new prayer technologies that are simple, effective, and easy to use;
  • Explore ancient principals of prayer that transform consciousness;
  • Understand how to use prayer as a bridge to divine healing energy;
  • Embrace prayer to experience more trust and ease;
  • Be guided in an experiential process to connect you to the uplifting energy of prayer.

Monday Mornings: 10AM — 11:30AM (PST)      April 3rd, 2017— June 5th, 2017

Course Appreciation Price: $300 Early Bird Price                        $325 Day of Class Price

Required Reading: Soul Kissed: Bliss in Everyday Life by Anne Tremaine Linthorst

NOTE: Please be ready by 9:55 am; This is an online course only and begins immediately at 10:00 am; ZOOM Platform; Recordings of each course will be available to all participants following each session. Details will be provided in a confirmation email once Registration is complete.



*Prayer As Expanded Awareness – Register Here

Rev. Greta Sesheta – (5 Week Course)

This 5-week class provides the experience an Expanded Awareness of what Prayer is through the exploration of: The six steps of Affirmative Prayer as identified in everyday life experience; the experience of Prayerful Expression in all things; Blessings and Benedictions, Righteous Rituals and Celebratory Experience. Learn to live the prayer you are yearning to express. Lift it out of your note-books and imprint it on your heart as your life experience.

Tuesday Evenings: 6:30PM—9:30PM                                     April 11th, 2017— May 9th, 2017


Course Appreciation Price: $300 Early Bird Price            $325 Day of Class Price

Required Material: None

Prerequisites: None



*Self Awareness and the Evolving Consciousness – Register Here

Rev. Dr. Cheryl J. Ward- (10 Week Course)

            Self-awareness is the gateway way to transformation! Becoming self aware puts you in the driver’s seat of your life! To become aware is to wake up and take full responsibility for your life—your emotions, likes, dislikes, disappointments, life structures, etc.   The aim of this course is spiritual unfoldment and personal transformation.  It is a journey of self-exploration and self-examination for the purpose of living a liberated, transformed life free of hindrances and encumbrances.  Looking at various levels of consciousness, we will explore and enter the pathway of non-duality, and see our thoughts as energy fields from which thinking emerges.  In this way, we will learn to transcend the endless thoughts running through our consciousness.  Through fun interactive experiential processes, we will activate fundamental spiritual principles, and those, empowered by our intentions, result in an alignment with universal Truth!   All aboard the Train to transformation!

Tuesday Evenings: 7PM–10PM                           April 4th, 2017— June 3rd, 2017    

Course Appreciation Price:  $400 Early Bird Price                      $425 Day of Class Price

Required Books:  The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden; Resilience from the Heart by Gregg Braden; The Endless Practice by Mark Nepo

Recommended Reading:  Let Your Life Speak by Parker J. Palmer; The Spiritual Universe by Fred Alan Wolf

Prerequisites: Universal Principles Governing Spiritual Living (Foundations I); Meditation and the Evolution of Consciousness; Visioning; Prayer Warrior; or approval from instructor.



*The Life Visioning Process – Register Here

Rev. Dr. Coco Stewart – (10 Week Course)

            What is God’s Vision for your life? This class is designed to assist you in understanding the Visioning Process as developed by Reverend Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. You will learn the spiritual principles upon which the visioning process rests. You will also learn the difference between visualization and visioning and why visioning is far superior in living out your life purpose. In the former you access your imagination to bring into manifestation that which you desire. In visioning, you learn to tap into Cosmic Consciousness to discover God’s plan for your life.
Thursday Evenings: 7PM—10PM                                   April 6th, 2017— June 8th, 2017


Course Appreciation Price: $400 Early Bird Price                        $425 Day of Class Price

Required Books:  Life Visioning, by Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Prerequisites: None



A Spiritual Being’s Guide to Politics – Register Here

Dr. Liz Philipose, ALSP – (5 Week Course)

            To those who have been given much, much will be required.  Do you feel vexed and perplexed about your role in the current political landscape? Are you called to take action that is in alignment with your spiritual path? Do you want to be an effective agent of transformation in your life and in the world? As spiritually awakened beings, we are called to be responsible stewards and compassionate midwives of the next evolution of human existence. It is why we are here. This course trains spiritual beings who wish to serve the emergent paradigm with knowledge, history, clarity, focus, spiritual truth, and a long global view of how we got here and where we are going. Bringing together political science with truth teachings, the course trains midwives of the emergent paradigm by anchoring peace on earth and unity consciousness. It trains us to be increasingly impervious to the rampant expressions of separation that circulate freely. It trains us to root in truth so that we may be set free from limited beliefs and narrow perceptions of what is possible.  It lets us fully embrace the vision of a world that works for everyone as our life’s mission. With meditation, prayer, visioning, exercises, processes and teaching, the course presents: a history of the present moment in national and global terms; spiritual reflections on worldly power; processes to activate the energetic vibration of planetary oneness in us; and exercises to activate our visionary consciousness.

Saturday Afternoons: 1PM—4PM                      April 8th, 2017— May 6th, 2017


Course Appreciation Price: $300 Early Bird Price                       $325 Day of Class Price

Required Books:   TBD

Prerequisites: None



Divine Energy Medicine, the Perfect Blueprint of YOU – Register Here

Rev. Keith Horwitz – (5 Week Course)

Explore the sacred geometry of the perfect blueprint that is YOU to heal and thrive.  Learn how to work the subtle energy bodies of the chakras, human energy field, 12-strand DNA and Soul-family.  Using energetic activations, attunements, meditation and living prayer, we will expand our Divine Energy Quotient (DEQ).  This class is designed to gently and lovingly allow physical, emotional, mental and karmic healing, and encourage expansion into joyously living from the energy of our Soul.

In this class you will:

  • Experience the subtle energy bodies and their language;
  • Explore sacred geometry and the wisdom for YOUR life;
  • Expand your Divine Energy Quotient (DEQ);
  • Focus on your Heart’s desires (4th Chakra) and the call of your Soul (8th Chakra)
  • Explore, heal and align the energy of your Soul-family;
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion (with successful attendance of all 5 classes).

Tuesday Evenings: 7PM—10PM                         April 11th, 2017— May 9th, 2017


Course Appreciation Price: $300 Early Bird Price                        $325 Day of Class Price

Suggested Reading: The Subtle Body (Cyndi Dale); Sacred Geometry (Miranda Lundi)

Prerequisites: None


Balance Tai Qi Qong – Register Here 

Dr Marissa Pei– (Two-day Workshop)

This workshop is for achievement-oriented, multi-tasking individuals who feel like they are on a hamster wheel of life… and exhausted. If you’re ready to jump off, and want to land in a well-watered garden and not a minefield, come. Whether you’re held back by past pain or future fear, Life Balance tools that are integrated with the movements from the ancient martial art forms of Tai Chi and Qi Qong will help release old sabotaging living habits, replacing them with new ways of Being. Your personal docent, Dr. Marissa, introduced on stage as ‘the kinder gentler Dr. Laura’, will share Balance Tools including the Shovel of Forgiveness, Spoon of Gratitude and Watering Can of Acceptance that are integrated with the form movement sequence. Balance Tai Qi Qong, (moving mediation for ‘inner peace one breath at a time’) has one rule, no critical thinking of self and others

Saturday Afternoons: 10AM—1PM                      April 22nd, 2017 & April 29th, 2017

Course Appreciation Price: $125 Early Bird Price                       $150 Day of Class Price

Required Books:   None

Prerequisites: None




*Core Classes; Practitioner Prerequisite courses.

~ One 5 week Joel Goldsmith Course is a Pre-Requiste for Practitioner Studies; course titles may vary.

AU makes every effort to maintain proposed class schedules, however course dates and scheduling are subject to change.

Questions or Concerns? Email Registration@agapelive.com or Call 310-348-1260 Ext 1611