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week of April 24, 2016

When you begin to catch the vision of your spiritual identity as the great I Am Presence, then life and more life will be the order of the day for you. The absolute truth about your essential being is that you are spiritually made in the image and likeness of God. What this means about you, when properly contemplated and realized, is that the larger part of you has never been hurt, harmed or endangered in any way at any time. Neither external nor internal experiences diminish the Essence of your being. Time cannot snuff it out, space cannot engulf it neither in this moment, on this day, or into eternity.

- Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

week of April 24, 2016

My every activity is infused with the eternal presence of divine love!

A stream of infinite wisdom flows from the God Head to my open mind!

I am constantly lifting up to higher and higher dimensions of Being!

The goodness, the grandness, the graciousness of God is mine today!

My high conversations draw the best out of everyone I meet!

The sweet water of appreciation bathes everything I do!

And So It Is! Amen!

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