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week of July 17, 2016

Enthusiasm is our passport to our inner search.  It keeps us steadfast during those “I don’t feel like it” moments.  We can’t be half-hearted about enlightenment – meditating, praying, visioning sevens days in a row and stopping for another month.  When we are sincerely enthusiastic, whether our day’s meditation flowered into blossoms of bliss or our mind chatter overwhelmed us, we remain steadfastly unconditional in our practice.

- Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

week of July 17, 2016

A grand vision of possibility is the blueprint for my life!

The infinite invisible presence of God fills my body, mind and soul!

I am an avenue of harmonizing prosperity, a blessing on the planet!

Open doors and open hearts greet me everywhere I go!

Today I set myself free and let the God times roll!

In all things I am grateful!  And so be it!  Amen!

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