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week of March 26, 2017

Remember that your heartsets and mindsets are the mechanisms of empowerment in all of your life structures. Nurture them, nourish them by diving deeply into the reservoir of consciousness through your spiritual practices of affirmative prayer, meditation, life visioning, and generosity of heart.  Daily enter the sanctuary of your soul so that you may touch the exquisite Presence of your being.  After all, doesn’t your relationship with the Divine deserve 1/24th of your conscious attention each day?

- Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

week of March 26, 2017

The inspired thoughts of God guide and direct me, support and uplift me!

A radiant world of beauty and love is my dwelling place!

My life is an ongoing expression of grace and right action!

A dynamic sense of abundance and wholeness overflows my awareness!

Open doors and open hearts greet me everywhere I go!

Gratefully I live and give the gifts God gave me!

And so it is! Amen

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