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week of February 19, 2017

Although in general grace is associated with religious language, it is a transcendent energy frequency that is the antidote to the mind chatter that gives rise to fear, to a sense of lack or limitation in any aspect of our lives.   Grace is not something we earn.  It is not something given to the seemingly saintly few.  Just as the light shines equally on the charcoal and the diamond, the energy of grace is freely poured into the lives of all beings.  It is a gift of Spirit that accompanies us, that caresses us as we evolve beyond ego fulfillment to soul-enrichment.

- Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

week of February 19, 2017

My life vibrates in Oneness and radiates with the love of God!

Every cell of my body temple celebrates health and wholeness!

Infinite energy and inexhaustible good overflow every area of my life!

Every day is a joyful journey in the eternal presence of peace and wholeness!

The face of God greets me everywhere I go!

In gratitude and thanksgiving I let it be!

And so it is! Amen.

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