Agape_Sacred-Service-Orientation“Dare to share, and watch what happens in your life!”
~ Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

From one’s entrance into the parking lot for an Agape service or special event to attending an art gallery showing, Agape’s Service Teams go full circle in service to the entire Agape community.
Whether it’s working with high visibility or behind the scenes, these dedicated individuals enhance your experience each time you walk through Agape’s doors.

Sacred Service Vision Statement

Sacred Service Ministry honors the spiritual practice of service as a way of life. It is the place where we outwardly express who we inwardly are by sharing our gifts and talents. In doing so, we create a strong sense of community while expanding our hearts and fulfilling our souls.

Sacred Service Mission/Purpose Statement

Sacred Service is the welcoming and connecting point for those called to serve.  The Sacred Service Ministry recruits, trains, places, and appreciates volunteers as a means of strengthening and supporting the Agape community.
Simply, we are here to Inspire ~ Engage ~ Connect and Appreciate!

For questions, please contact: or
310-348-1260 x1352

“The only gift is a portion of thyself.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Jason D. Mitchell, ALSP, Director