SUMMER 2017 – Agape University Courses

The Agape University is excited to announce the Summer 2017 course list.


Please Join us for our Graduation Ceremony June 10th, 2017





Mine Your Own Business – Register Here (5-Week Course)

Rev. Dr. Leon Campbell

Mine Your Own Business is a two-part course that focuses on how to MIND your business; the second part deals with how we can MINE our business by tapping into our hidden treasures and release precious gifts, talents, and spiritual power. It’s crucial that we MINE our business in order to: Equip ourselves with all the resources needed to live the best life ever;

Tap into latent potentials and discover our hidden possibilities; Learn how to navigate through the setbacks, and disappointments in life. We will examine the entrepreneurial styles of past and present business leaders who have effectively articulated a vision, crafted a strategy and changed our world. We will feature local business leaders, who will speak in class about how to develop and nurture your business skills.

Tuesday Evenings 7PM – 10PM;

August 8th, 2017 – September 5th, 2017;

Course Appreciation Price: $300 Early Bird Price      $325 Day of Class Price

Suggested Reading:  Spiritual Liberation by Michael Bernard Beckwith; Life Visioning Process by Michael Bernard Beckwith; Mine Your Own Business: Workbook by Leon Campbell Jr.

Prerequisites: None



*Prosperity from the Inside Out – Register Here (10-Week Course)

Integrating Spiritual Practice with Practical Financial Application

Rev. Candice Gee

Awaken to the unlimited prosperity potential that is already in you through the practice of conscious financial choice. Money is energy, value and vibration that you will learn to tap into while you simultaneously become aware of the emotional underpinnings regarding money and how it out-pictures in your life and all your affairs.

This course empowers individuals to heal false beliefs that block forward life progress, and provides a real world blueprint to make financial decisions with absolute clarity and complete confidence.  Learn to budget day to day money decisions joyfully and awaken conscious generosity through incorporating financial choices into daily spiritual practice.

Tuesday Evenings 7 PM – 10 PM;    

June 20th, 2017 — August 29th, 2017;       

Location: Spirit of Creativity

Course Appreciation Price: $400 Early Bird Price                $425 Day of Class Price

Required Book:  “The Money Nerve” – by Robert Wm Wheeler, CPA



*Mysticism, the Practice and the Mystical I – Register Here (10-week Course)

Rev. Dr. Coco Stewart

Deepen into an expanded awareness of your true Mystical I-dentity. This experiential process-oriented class takes you on an inner journey that will shift your outer experience of everyday living. Attune to your inner true nature and experience the mystic you already are. Through an inclusive exploration of mystics, a variety of cultural origins, mystical teachings and traditions, song, creative arts and play, the mystic life arises as a tangible way of living, encompassing balanced life structures. Mysticism is the practice of the Divine Presence within an individual which allows the continually activated flow of Grace, God’s eternal Given-ness, and Giving-ness, to happen as a way of life.

Thursday Evenings 7PM – 10PM;              

June 29th, 2017— August 31st, 2017;        

Location: Room 2

Course Appreciation Price: $400 Early Bird Price                                 $425 Day of Class Price

Required Material:   NONE (Class handouts will be provided to students)

Prerequisites: Universal Laws Governing Spiritual Living (Foundations I); Meditation Course (either of the 5 week courses); 10 Weeks of Prayer (Two 5 Week courses or one 10 week Course).


~Invisible Supply –Joel Goldsmith – Register  Here (5-Week Course)

Rev. Dr. Coco Stewart

Divine Supply in every area of our life is ours by right of consciousness. No matter whether it is an abundance of love, wealth, or opportunities to express our creativity, God’s supply is infinite and omnipresent wherever you are!  We can deepen our expression of supply through a variety of practices including forgiveness, sharing , and tithing to name a few.  This opens the channel within us for supply to demonstrate.  Gratitude allows the principle of supply to work with grace and ease. Demonstrating supply is a demonstration of God’s presence.

Through our time together, we will open our hearts, and minds to become the place in consciousness these opportunities fulfill themselves. We will laugh, play, pray and commune in the holy spirit of conscious community to fine- tune this awareness of abundance in all areas of life!

Tuesday Evenings 7PM – 10PM;               

August 1st, 2017— August 29th, 2017;      

Location: Room 2

Course Appreciation Price: $300 Early Bird Price                 $325 Day of Class Price

Required Books: Invisible Supply, by Joel S. Goldsmith



*Meditation Practices and Principles – Register Here (5-Week Course)

Akili Beckwith, ALSP

This is a wonderful class which will delve into the principles and practices of the Agape Movement as well as many various types and methods of meditation. You will learn how to be still in the midst of ‘seeming chaos’ and to trust that the Universe is ‘For You’. Over the 5-week period you will develop a more consistent and constant meditative practice, and learn how the Universal Principles apply to your meditation.

Tuesday Evenings 7PM – 10PM;

July 11th, 2017 – August 8th, 2017;

Location: Sanctuary

Course Appreciation Price: $300 Early Bird Price                 $325 Day of Class Price

Required Reading: Meditation by Osho

Prerequisites: None



*Core Classes; Practitioner Prerequisite courses.

~ One 5 week Joel Goldsmith Course is a Pre-Requiste for Practitioner Studies; course titles may vary.

AU makes every effort to maintain proposed class schedules, however course dates and scheduling are subject to change.

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