WINTER 2018 – Agape University Courses

The Agape University is excited to announce the Winter 2018 course list. Online Registration Available Now!


*Prayer As a Way of Life (10-Week Course)


Rev. Susan Shahani

In this class we will explore these questions and many others. This class creates an opportunity for us to experience prayer as a way of life through the daily practice and application of it in our daily living. We will also discover the very heart and soul of our prayer work and learn to embody the deep feeling tone and vibrations of the qualities of God such as Love, Joy and Expansion. We will begin to notice how even the simplest form of prayer can become a powerful and meaningful experience for us. Each prayer will take on its own individualized expression through us/as us! All are supported in growing in confidence, conviction and authority through daily devotional application of the six steps of Affirmative Prayer that we teach here in our spiritual community. Deep dialogue, experiential processes, prayer partnerships, writing opportunities, help to create the foundation for us to realize that learning to pray ‘one step at a time’ is truly Divine!

Tuesdays Evenings 7PM – 10PM      Jan 9th—Mar 13th      Spirit of Creativity Room

Course Appreciation Price:    $400 Early Bird Price    $425 Day of Class Price

Required Material: Feeling Is the Secret, Neville Goddard; Can We Talk to God, Ernest Holmes

Prerequisites: None



*Thunder of Silence – Joel Goldsmith (5 Week Course)


Rev. Dr. Coco Stewart

Modern day mystic, Joel S. Goldsmith brought forth a profound Spiritual teaching of pure principle as a tool for healing, and living a better quality of life.   Using his work,  “The Thunder of Silence”  dive deeply into the teaching, the practices, and the principle of Absolute Oneness for your own realization of Perfect Being.  Explore transcending the human mind to deeply activate Divine Mind within thereby enabling the Spirit of Love, and Divine Life to bring forth your unique Divinity as  a way of life.  Join with others of a like-minded, like-hearted nature to fulfill the best life has to offer for you.

Thursday Evenings 7PM – 10PM      Jan 18th—Feb 15th      Room 2

Course Appreciation Price:    $300 Early Bird Price                   $325 Day of Class Price

Required Reading: The Thunder of Silence, Joel Goldsmith

Prerequisites: None



*Oath of Manifestation: Plenty to Spare Plenty to Share (10-Week Course)


Rev. Dr. Cheryl J. Ward

Most of us are good givers, but very poor receivers.  In this class, you will uncover the hidden power within you to receive true abundance, plenitude, and prosperity.  You will learn to open yourself to the realm of Infinite Possibilities, tap into this realm daily, and become hugely available to many avenues of the flow of abundance and prosperity! You will learn that expressing abundance, living prosperously is a mandate upon your soul. You will establish for yourself a new relationship with money, bills, credit cards, financial resources, the Law of Circulation, plentitude, true prosperity.  You will learn how to unblock the access points to your receiving. We will be using the Oath of Manifestation, learning to receive unexpected good!  The mystical powers of the Oath will be laid out in clear, understandable, spiritual terms.  On our journey, we will uncover the hidden secrets to tapping into the Field of Infinite Possibilities, thus discovering a world of plentitude that simply awaits our recognition and invitation to manifest. You will learn mastery over money matters, relationships, beliefs, and feel the resultant, incredible peace of mind that follows.

Saturday Mornings 10AM – 1PM     Jan 20th – Mar 24th     Spirit of Wisdom Room

Course Appreciation Price: $400 Early Bird Price       $425 Day of Class Price

Required Books:   Living from the Overflow, Michael Bernard Beckwith; Soul Currency, Ernest D. Chu; The Vortex, Esther Hicks; Getting into the Vortex: Guided Meditations CD & User Guide, Esther Hicks; Nuggets of Manifestation, Rev. Dr.  Cheryl J. Ward (from Instructor); 30-Day Manifestation Meditations, Rev. Dr. Cheryl J. Ward (from Instructor)

Recommended Books (but not required): Ask and it is Given, Esther Hicks; The Law and the Promise, Neville Goddard; Feeling is the Secret, Neville Goddard; Your Faith is our Fortune, Neville Goddard

Prerequisites: None



The Express Business – (5-week Course)


Rev.  Dr. Leon Campbell Jr

Join Dr. Leon Campbell, Jr. and a host of change agents (current leaders from spirituality, business, entertainment and more) as we explore powerful lessons that you can use to “release your inner gifts, talents, unique abilities and your highest potentials. The Express Business is the business of expressing or out-forming the creative flow within you. You are here for God, and with gratitude to your field of endeavor, or your job, you discover that you are working for God as a channel through which opportunity for expression and compensation flows. While we live in a time of tremendous uncertainty and change, this class will help you to navigate and weather the storms of fear, doubt and worry. The ability to express your abilities is an inborn gift within everyone, and this class will help you unwrap this treasure and use your talents to create new circumstances that shape the future.

The Express Business will explore: Outdated ideas that no longer serve us; A series of opportunities to grow, to unfold the infinite possibilities that are enclosed within every person; Ways to redesign your attitude toward your work, and effectively alter your work without changing your job; You will learn how to grow in your current job; How to make a commitment to take charge of your own life; Learn how to be in business for yourself and how to be more like external vendors than traditional employees; Catch the vision for your life; Apply the Life Visioning Process in all of your life structures, including relationships, finances, livelihood, and spiritual practice.

We will also examine the leadership styles of past and present change agents who have effectively articulated a vision, crafted a strategy and changed our world. We will feature local change agents, who will speak in class about how to develop and nurture your talents. Join us as we journey into the Express Business.

Saturday Mornings 10AM – 1PM     Jan 27th— Feb 24th                  Spirit Of Abundance Room

Course Appreciation Price:    $300 Early Bird Price    $325 Day of Class Price

Prerequisites: None



*Meditation and the Evolution of Consciousness (5-Week Course)



Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith; Rev. Dr. Cheryl J. Ward

Meditation is the vehicle through which consciousness expands. In this class you will move into a greater understanding of the idea that you are an individualized expression of Spirit, God Consciousness.  We will explore various modes of meditation:  Contemplative, Existential and Spiritual. You will also come to value and appreciate a daily meditative practice.  As you journey deep into your inner being— through silence—you find the doorway to Cosmic Consciousness.  Through this doorway, you no longer cast a shadow into matter; you meld into a conscious union with God!

Tuesday Evenings 7PM – 9:30PM     Feb 6th— Mar 6th        Sanctuary

Course Appreciation Price:    $350 Early Bird Price    $375 Day of Class Price

Required Material: Life Visioning, A Transformative Process for Activating Your Unique Gifts and Highest Potential by Michael Bernard Beckwith; Meditation in the Silence by E.V. Ingram; This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes; The Voice of the Master by Eva Bell Werber

Prerequisites: None



Mystical Energy Medicine (5-Week Course)


Rev. Keith Horwitz

Throughout the ages Mystics from every culture and religion, have all shared a common practice: Communion (an intimate awareness) with the higher self, with the Divine Creator, for wisdom, wellness and empowerment. They were all lead to the sacred inner sanctuary and given the tools, roadmaps and knowledge of how the Universe works. One of the most powerful tools discovered by the Mystics was how to read subtle energies, and what today is being highly used in the field of Energy Medicine.

The practice and science of Energy Medicine goes far beyond healing the physical body – it is one of the gateways to living a life of Success, Love, Joy, Prosperity, Wellness, Harmony, Bliss and fun!  In this class we will review the Divine science of the subtle energy bodies of the chakras, aura and cellular memory, 12-strand DNA and energetic imprints. We will explore and experience weekly energy processes that help us to understand the wisdom of Divine language, and expand and align our own natural intuitive gifts with Truth and healing.

Thursday Evenings 7PM – 10PM       Feb 22nd – Mar 22nd                      Room 2

Course Appreciation Price:    $300 Early Bird Price                   $325 Day of Class Price

Suggested Reading: Biology of Belief (Bruce Lipton); This Thing Called You (Ernest Holmes)

Prerequisites: None


*Core Classes; Practitioner Prerequisite courses.

One 5 week Joel Goldsmith Course is a Pre-Requiste for Practitioner Studies; course titles may vary.

AU makes every effort to maintain proposed class schedules, however course dates and scheduling are subject to change.

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