Spring 2018 Agape University

The Agape University is excited to announce the Spring 2018 course list. Online Registration Available NOW!


Agape University is further developing our Online/Distance Learning Programs and will only be offering courses to students attending IN PERSON this Spring 2018 Term. 






*Mysticism, the Practice and the Mystical I (Part A 5- weeks; Part B: 5 weeks)

Rev. Dr. Coco Stewart
                Mysticism can be a practice and a powerful way to deepen into an expanded awareness of your true Mystical I-dentity. This two part class is experiential process-oriented and takes you on an inner journey that will shift your outer experience of everyday living.

              REGISTER HERE  Part A – allows you to begin to tune into everyday life from a different perspective, and new view of the all-good, eternal God happening all the time, in every aspect, and in every avenue of life. As you deepen your practice, it deepens you!

              REGISTER HERE  Part B allows more refinement of tuning into your true inner nature and knowing, and deeply practicing the mystic you already are.

Each part of this class has an inclusive exploration of mystics, a variety of cultural origins, mystical teachings and traditions, song, creative arts and play, and allows the mystic life to arise as a tangible way of living encompassing balanced life structures. Mysticism is the practice of the Divine Presence within an individual which allows the continually activated flow of Grace, God’s eternal Given-ness, and Giving-ness, to happen as a way of life.

Thursday Evenings 7PM –10PM               

Mysticism Part A: March 22—April 19, 2018 

Mysticism Part B: May 3—May 31, 2018

Course Appreciation Price Part A: $300 Early Bird Price   $325 Day of Class

Course Appreciation Price Part B: $300 Early Bird Price   $325 Day of Class

Required Material:   NONE (Class handouts will be provided to students)

Prerequisites: Universal Laws Governing Spiritual Living (Foundations I); one of the Meditation classes; 10 weeks of a Prayer class



*Self-Awareness and the Evolving Consciousness – Part A (5 Week Course)


Rev. Dr. Cheryl J. Ward and Rev. Ron Blair

Self-awareness is the gateway way to transformation! Becoming self-aware puts you in the driver’s seat of your life! To become aware is to wake up and take full responsibility for your life—your emotions, likes, dislikes, disappointments, life structures, etc.   The aim of this course is spiritual unfoldment and personal transformation.  It is a journey of self-exploration and self-examination for the purpose of living a liberated, transformed life free of hindrances and encumbrances.  Looking at various levels of consciousness, we will explore and enter the pathway of non-duality, and see our thoughts as energy fields from which thinking emerges.  In this way, we will learn to transcend the endless thoughts running through our consciousness.  Through fun interactive experiential processes, we will activate fundamental spiritual principles, and those, empowered by our intentions, result in an alignment with universal Truth!   All aboard the Train to transformation!

Saturday Mornings 10AM – 1PM              March 31— May 5, 2018                Location: Room 2

NOTE: No class April 28 (Agape’s Revelation Conference 2018)

Course Appreciation Price: $300 Early Bird Price                $325 Day of Class Price

Required Books:  The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden; Resilience From the Heart by Gregg Braden; The Endless Practice by Mark Nepo

Recommended but not required:  Let Your Life Speak by Parker J. Palmer; The Spiritual Universe by Fred Alan Wolf

Prerequisites: Universal Principles Governing Spiritual Living (Foundations I); Meditation and the Evolution of Consciousness; Visioning; Prayer Warrior; or approval from instructor.



Divine Energy Medicine, the Perfect Blueprint of YOU (5-Week Course)


Rev. Keith Horwitz

                Explore the sacred geometry of the perfect blueprint that is YOU to heal and thrive.  Learn how to work the subtle energy bodies of the chakras, human energy field,

12-strand DNA and Soul-family.  Using energetic activations, attunements, meditation and living prayer, we will expand our Divine Energy Quotient (DEQ).  This class is designed to gently and lovingly allow physical, emotional, mental and karmic healing, and encourage expansion into joyously living from the energy of our Soul.

In this class you will:

  • Experience the subtle energy bodies and their language;
  • Explore sacred geometry and the wisdom for YOUR life;
  • Expand your Divine Energy Quotient (DEQ);
  • Focus on your Heart’s desires (4th Chakra) and the call of your Soul (8th Chakra)
  • Explore, heal and align the energy of your Soul-family;
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion (with successful attendance of all 5 classes).

Tuesday Evenings 7PM– 10PM                  April 3— May 8, 2018                     Location: Spirit of Creativity 

NOTE: No class April 24 (Revelation week)

Course Appreciation Price: $300 Early Bird Price                $325 Day of Class

Suggested Reading: The Subtle Body (Cyndi Dale); and Sacred Geometry (Miranda Lundi)

Prerequisites: None



*Meditation Practices and Principles (5-Week Course)


Akili Beckwith, ALSP

                 This is a wonderful class which will delve into the principles and practices of the Agape Movement as well as many various types and methods of meditation. You will learn how to be still in the midst of ‘seeming chaos’ and to trust that the Universe is ‘For You’. Over the 5-week period you will develop a more consistent and constant meditative practice, and learn how the Universal Principles apply to your meditation.

Thursday Evenings 7PM–10PM                   May 3— May 31, 2018                    Location: Sanctuary

Course Appreciation Price: $300 Early Bird Price                $325 Day of Class Price

Required Reading: Meditation by Osho

Prerequisites: None



*Prayer as Expanded Awareness (5-Week Course)


Rev. Greta Sesheta

                This 5-week class provides the experience an Expanded Awareness of what Prayer is through the exploration of: The six steps of Affirmative Prayer as identified in everyday life experience; the experience of Prayerful Expression in all things; Blessings and Benedictions, Righteous Rituals and Celebratory Experience. Learn to live the prayer you are yearning to express. Lift it out of your note-books and imprint it on your heart as your life experience.

Friday Evenings 6:30PM – 9:30PM       May 4— June 1 , 2018                    Location: TBD

Course Appreciation Price: $300 Early Bird Price                $325 Day of Class Price

Required Material: None                            

Prerequisites: None



*Core Classes; Practitioner Prerequisite courses.

One 5 week Joel Goldsmith Course is a Pre-Requiste for Practitioner Studies; course titles may vary.

AU makes every effort to maintain proposed class schedules, however course dates and scheduling are subject to change.

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