Rules For Engagement: Accept, Harvest & Forgive

“To live a consecrated life is to enter into alignment with the reality that Life is a sacred emanation of the Spirit. Inherent within this realization is a choiceless choice to set aside meaningful, substantial time each day for holy communion with the One Life. It is to know with unshakable certainty that your life is devoted to waking up to the eternal verities of the Spirit and living them in everyday life”.

Everything I want, hope for and desire is already within me!
I am a divine dispenser of cosmic good; giving and receiving in God!
My explorations in excellence reveal the Spiritual gifts within me!
I am here as an advocate and architect of a kind and just society!
Soul to soul connections are the essence of all my relations!
I stand in gratitude for this word made manifest!   
So be it! Amen!

Rules For Engagement: Accept, Harvest & Forgive

I want you to wake up today! If you believe that you will be complete after you find the right relationship, the better job, the bigger house, that hotter investment, the accomplishment of a particular goal, you are asleep in the human dream of maya, which is the sleep of human delusion. Any such fulfillment is only temporary. The quest of looking for wholeness outside of yourself is not the way it works. It’s an inside job!

The presence of God expresses peace and joy all over my life!
I live in tune with the fundamental order of the universe!
My relationships reveal a joint participation in divine love!
The infinite good of Almighty God is my source and supply!
Excellence vibrates as every cell of my body temple!
All praise and glory is to God! And so it is! Amen!

Rules For Engagement: Accept, Harvest & Forgive

The same universe that summoned Jesus and Buddha to wake up also calls your name, my name.  Our destiny is no less than theirs.  The universe has summoned you to quit playing around with the toys of this world and to begin playing with your great destiny as an awakened being.  This means each one of us has to give up the little story about who we're not and what we don't have.  And from that consciousness you will begin to develop what is called "personal success," which means that you are stabilizing your life structures.

My life is God’s life made visible!
Dynamic, harmonizing energy vitalizes my every activity!
The sacred song of peace sings through my soul!
Health, healing and wholeness are revealed through me right now!
My true nature is an expression of divine love!
God is my safety and protection, my guidance and direction!
Life is good and I am grateful! And so it is! Amen!

Rules For Engagement: Accept, Harvest & Forgive

We have progressed enough spirituality and scientifically to understand the paradox that although we may have to serve the goal of peace for a long time, it can instantaneously occur when the field of collective consciousness is fertile enough.

I am guided, governed and gifted by the eternal presence of Spirit within me!
The high frequency of divine love resounds through all of my relationships!
Excellence is encoded on my soul and evident in my expression!
A consciousness of awe and wonder makes all things possible in my life!
Standing in trust I let God be God as me!
Gratefully I let it be! And So It Is! Amen!

The Trust Factor.

The more you live, move and have your being in the awareness of who and what you really are, you will relate to your life & to all of life as a grand and glorious adventure in consciousness. You will dance in gratitude for each step in your soul-adventure. If youfre ready to put on your dancing shoes, contact your Ultimate Soul-Adventure Guide and see how sweetly you are welcome on the dancefloor of Life!

My every activity is infused with the eternal presence of divine love! A stream of infinite wisdom flows from the God Head to my open mind! I am constantly lifting up to higher and higher dimensions of Being! The goodness, the grandness, the graciousness of God is mine today! My high conversations draw the best out of everyone I meet! The sweet water of appreciation baths everything I do! And So It Is! Amen!