On How To Live the Surrendered Life -- Hints: Intention - Practice - Levity

Inspired intentionality comes to us during those measureless gaps when, in our meditations, visioning, or affirmative prayers, time stops and we catch inspiration directly from the intuitive faculty of the heart. From this inspired state of consciousness, we stand at the choice-point for setting and activating consciousness-expanding, life-enhancing intentions. And the more we do so, the more we can access inspiration even during the ordinary activities of our day.


I walk in the empowering awareness that I am one with God!

A whole new vision of infinite possibilities greets me every day!

My body temple vibrates at the high frequency of health and wholeness!

Divine ideas cascade in my consciousness and express as all my needs met!

The dynamic call of greatness is upon me! I respond!

In grace and gratitude, I let it be. And so it is! Amen!

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