On How To Live the Surrendered Life -- Hints: Intention - Practice - Levity
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Instead of resisting life’s unavoidable irritations or praying that they be removed from our life, we can choose to see their higher purpose as rich material for our ongoing, inner growth and transformation. Irritants show us where our ego is acting out, where we self-righteously blame outside sources and events for our circumstances. If we would just slow down long enough to give more mindful attention to those “irritants,” we could actually become grateful for how life’s simple, everyday happenings are invaluable opportunities for us to wake up.

Today I move from my storyline to my vision sublime!

Excuses go and I glow with the glory of God!

Excellence is the starting point for everything I do!

Friendships, soulships and right relationships are mine today!

My attitude of plentitude is my source and my supply!

In all things I am grateful! And so it is! Amen!

On How To Live the Surrendered Life -- Hints: Intention - Practice - Levity
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Inspired intentionality comes to us during those measureless gaps when, in our meditations, visioning, or affirmative prayers, time stops and we catch inspiration directly from the intuitive faculty of the heart. From this inspired state of consciousness, we stand at the choice-point for setting and activating consciousness-expanding, life-enhancing intentions. And the more we do so, the more we can access inspiration even during the ordinary activities of our day.

I walk in the empowering awareness that I am one with God!

A whole new vision of infinite possibilities greets me every day!

My body temple vibrates at the high frequency of health and wholeness!

Divine ideas cascade in my consciousness and express as all my needs met!

The dynamic call of greatness is upon me! I respond!

In grace and gratitude, I let it be. And so it is! Amen!

On How To Live the Surrendered Life -- Hints: Intention - Practice - Levity
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It is said that the Cosmic Mother keeps written in her heart every prayer you have ever whispered from your secret soul into the universe.  This utterly tender aspect of Spirit's mothering energy is always available to those who turn to it with the trusting abandon of a child to its mother.

I like to think of the mothering energy of Spirit as another name for Unconditional Love.  Independent of giving physical birth to a child, we all possess the qualities of a mother's heart which, just as does the Cosmic Mother, nurtures every form of relationship—life partner, child, friend, student, neighbor, colleague, animal companions, those in need including complete strangers—with the compassion, the grace, the tenderness of a mother’s heart.  We can all bend a knee of gratitude before the unconditional mothering energy of Spirit.

The Great Cosmic Mother Divine inspires unconditional love in my life!

Spontaneous goodness rises up in me and expresses through me!

Infinite wisdom informs my choices and decisions!

A constant, consistent stream of abundance is my source and supply!

Heaven is anchored on earth through my thoughts, words and actions!

The divine feminine essence of God reveals its grace as me today and always!

Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

On How To Live the Surrendered Life -- Hints: Intention - Practice - Levity
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At times it may feel like we’re walking a high wire, attempting to maintain our balance between knowing if what we’re about to do or say is coming from our inner guidance system or from our ego. It’s so easy to use high consciousness language to convince ourselves that we’re attuned to our Higher Self. It can be quite subtle. Nevertheless, as we deepen our meditation practice, affirmative prayer, and inner reflection, we begin to discern these subtleties and become more spiritually mature. This is how we touch the gold that never stops shining and let go of the fool’s gold that the outer world would have us chase.

Today I walk in trust! Grace is my constant companion!

Opportunities and possibilities greet me everywhere I go!

Health, beauty and wholeness express fully as my body temple!

Love is the way, the means and the activity of all my relationships!

My faith is amplified; my potential activated and my prayers realized!

How great God is! How grateful I am! And so it is! Amen!

The Rise and Shine Agreement
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When you begin to catch the vision of your spiritual identity as the great I Am Presence, then life and more life will be the order of the day for you. The absolute truth about your essential being is that you are spiritually made in the image and likeness of God. What this means about you, when properly contemplated and realized, is that the larger part of you has never been hurt, harmed or endangered in any way at any time. Neither external nor internal experiences diminish the Essence of your being. Time cannot snuff it out, space cannot engulf it neither in this moment, on this day, or into eternity.

My every activity is infused with the eternal presence of divine love!

A stream of infinite wisdom flows from the God Head to my open mind!

I am constantly lifting up to higher and higher dimensions of Being!

The goodness, the grandness, the graciousness of God is mine today!

My high conversations draw the best out of everyone I meet!

The sweet water of appreciation bathes everything I do!

And So It Is! Amen!