Your Call To Success

Most of us are certain that we have experienced some degree of love, be it with a life partner, our children, parents, siblings, friends, God, our spiritual teachers, animal companions. Although love itself is an invisible energy, it feels tangible when we feel it directed towards us and when we direct it towards others. This is love experienced as a noun, a “something” labeled love. The ultimate form of love, however, is a verb. It is a state of being love itself, the essence of our true nature.

The power, presence and love of God live in the midst of me.

I am fully connected to the vast and abundant nature of the universe.

My body is the temple of the living God, whole, complete and perfect.

Divine insight frees me from fear and doubt and worry.

Self-love and acceptance is the starting point in all my relationships.

Gratefully and gracefully I live these words of truth.

And so it is!  Amen!

Your Call To Success

The opposite of freedom is bondage. Freedom is birthed in awakened consciousness, while bondage is rooted is unconsciousness. There is no evil in our world, only unconsciousness of one’s true nature. When we take the responsibility for cultivating our true Self, we break the ties that bind us to the illusions of who and what we falsely think we are. We all have aspects of self of which we are more conscious than others. The more we clarify consciousness through our daily spiritual practices, the more we awaken our potential for self-realization.

The presence of God resides in the sanctuary of my soul.

Cosmic ideas take form and grow in the garden of my consciousness.

The order, harmony and beauty of God are forever expanding within me.

My wholeness is based on my oneness with God.

I am abundantly fueled and funded by the grace of pure Spirit.

True gratitude is my constant companion.

And so it is!  Amen!

Simply Begin

Peace is a quality of the Spirit that is everywhere present.  Peace as a dynamic harmony is what you are called to reveal first within your own consciousness, and then in your world.  Thoughts and actions born of the inner peace of your soul are in alignment with the Laws of the Universe.

A current of prayerful energy carries me always!

Happiness is the essential nature of my being!

My body temple is living proof of divine health and wholeness!

God’s grace is my sufficiency and my supply!

I am a spiritual being, a planetary citizen, and a revolutionary of love!

Gratefully I live these words of truth!

And so it is!  Amen!

Simply Begin

Today, continue to nourish your dreams.  Hold fast to your vision and do something everyday to bring it into manifestation.  Everything is possible in God because God is the Infinite Possibility within everything.  Know that you are God’s beloved in whom God is well pleased.  Never give up on yourself.

I am a cosmic idea forever becoming my true self!

Magnificence is the starting point for everything I do!

The great love and law of God orders my actions!

My life is a sacred practice of abundance and gratitude!

Joy is! I am!  Peace is! I am! God is! I am!

And so it is!  Amen!

Simply Begin

What fruits are you harvesting in your life?  Do you harvest peace, love, compassion, abundance?  Do you find yourself with an abundance of things to be grateful for?  Your answers to these types of questions are a genuine method for understanding whether you have matured spiritually or whether you are still grappling with circumstances.  The spiritually mature don’t wait for circumstances to change before they allow themselves to be happy.  Rather they choose to see the beauty and the perfection in life as it is and give great thanks for it now.

God is the essence, the activity and the love of my life!

Useful and creative patterns are awakened in my willing mind!

Abundance, peace and joy are God’s will and my way!

Health, wholeness and healing are expressed as my body temple right now!

My life reflects the light of God and reveals heaven on earth!

The spirit of gratitude generates blessings in my living and my giving!

Joyfully I live these words of truth!

And so it is!  Amen!