Change Your Fate Recalibrate

?When you open within yourself the secret temple of your soul, you will pass through the portal of matter and contact the living Spirit, communing with it as the very essence of your being. Then the walls of habits that hold back your evolutionary progress will crumble and you will find yourself face to face with yourself and the holy guests within your consciousness.

I am here to reflect and reveal cosmic consciousness! The bounty of Spirit breaks forth through me as all needs met! The soulful vibration of love invites whole relationships into my life! My mind overflows with divine ideas and positive possibilities! Wonder and awe, beauty and sacredness are the atmosphere of my Beingness! Hanging out in a field of thanksgiving, I continue where God left off! And so it is! Amen!

Incurable Optimism - Catch It

Would it surprise you to learn that optimism is not a synonym for positivity, nor an opposite of negativity? ?Optimism transcends both. ?The etymology of optimism is from the Latin, optimum,?meaning that the present moment is in an optimum state. ?Being optimistic ultimately means that an individual expects the best possible outcome from any situation ?Such a person's mindset and heart-set responds to whatever arises in the moment?uplifting or challenging?knowing that within it is a grace, an opportunity for their soul's evolutionary progress. ?Have you caught it yet?

I am led by the spirit of the living God within me!_x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ Pillars of light and love support all that I am and all that I am becoming!_x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ Bowing my head to my heart I rise up in true compassion!_x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ Carried on a wave of potent potential I am affluent, effulgent, joyous and free!_x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ My life is a song of praise and thanksgiving!_x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ I see it! I decree it!? And I am willing to be it!? And so it is!? Amen_x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_  

Incurable Optimism - Catch It

Enthusiasm births inspiration; inspiration births gratitude. Gratitude opens the floodgates of abundance. When we enter its sacred flow, we draw into our magnetic field everything we require for the next step in our evolutionary progress.  

My life is backed by a mighty wave of God consciousness! Excellence is seeking to express through me! I let it! High thoughts of health and wholeness manifest as my body temple! My relationships reveal a joint participation with divine love! The bright sunshine of my own being lights my path and shows my way! Gratefully I let it be!? And so it is!? Amen!

Incurable Optimism - Catch It

Just as a photographer must go into the dark room to develop his photos, so must we enter the dark room of our spiritual practices to develop our soul qualities. As Jesus instructed his followers, gWhen thou prayest, enter into thy closetc,h and we all know most closets are dark until we turn on the light. Our spiritual practices turn on the luminosity of our soul.

The sacred presence of Spirit expresses in through and as me! New ideas flow through me! Insights unfold within me! My relations form around the power of my loving heart! The source and substance of my supply is limitless! God is great and I am grateful! And so it is! Amen!

Incurable Optimism - Catch It

When we are in a consciousness of en-Theos?from the Greek meaning ginspired or possessed by Godh?our chakra system is recalibrated. We are overtaken by an awareness of the Great Something which breathes through our breath, walks through our feet, loves through our heart, communes with us in our soul. How can we not enthusiastically seek to enter this tabernacle wherein we may taste all of the ecstasies our consciousness is capable of?

I am an indispensable being of boundless potential! Dynamic by design! New horizons of infinite possibility greet me every day! Habits of health and wholeness support my body and my mind! The beauty of my soul is activated and expresses right now! Today I embrace the brilliance, the bounty and the joy of my life! In all things I am grateful! And so it is!? Amen!