Progressive Enlightenment: Liberation While Owning A Body

Do you seek how to make yourself free, or how to be free from yourself? Contemplating the difference is an interesting revelation of our motive for entering the spiritual path. After all, enlightenment is not a commodity to be coerced into onefs consciousness. It is not a quantity of something, it is a quality of being yearning to be discovered and expressed in, through and as you. In our fast-paced society, if we arenft scrambling to attain or possess something, we label ourselves as lazy. However, when we live in a consciousness of trust, knowing that an invisible hand is always taking us in the right direction, we are serene, creatively active yet patient.    

I am constantly becoming all that God knows me to be! The realm of ever expanding good is my dwelling place! Radical amazement is my natural state of being! All of my relationships are created in Spirit and revealed in love! God thoughts and God shots express as my work and play! Every aspect of my life is healed and whole! Gratefully I live these words of truth! And so it is! Amen!  

Progressive Enlightenment: Liberation While Owning A Body

All of life in this material world presents itself as a struggle between opposing forces.? Our job (and we do choose to accept it!) is to see through the duality to the one Power, the one Presence back of everything.? Once we learn that itfs all about balance and itfs not a balancing gacth but a balanced state, much of the turmoil just drops away.  

I stand in the awareness of an awesome God! Today I walk boldly and freely into my divine destiny! I am filled to overflowing with the good of God! Spirit inspired teachings light my path and show the way! My body temple is a fit and fine instrument for God to express! Gracefully and gratefully I live these words of truth! And so it is!? Amen!

Progressive Enlightenment: Liberation While Owning A Body

Keep before your inner awareness the truth that out of Spiritfs infinite vastness emerged the thought of you, and your spirit then took physical form as a spiritual being having a human incarnation. Isnft that alone enough to banish all doubt about the power inherent within us to awaken in this very lifetime? Just behind the spark of our life is the Flame of Infinity enlivening us, cheering us on, mothering us into our innately enlightened Self. I tell you there is nothing to prevent you from feeling that great Power behind your life.  

Godfs will for my life releases me and sets me free! I am a grounding point for miraculous energy to express! My life is an adventure in Spiritual growth and unfoldment! I am filled to overflowing with the good of God! High thoughts of health and beauty manifest as my body temple! Gratitude and appreciation light my path and show the way! And so it is!? Amen!  

Progressive Enlightenment: Liberation While Owning A Body

Today, withdraw from living in some future fantasy and live right now as if the entire Universe is conspiring on your behalf, because it is.? Carry yourself as if all your needs are met, because it has been so since the beginning of time.  

Revelations of truth and oneness transform my life! All things possible consciousness is my way and my means! My heart is a wide and willing place for love to be expressed! Peace is my way of being in the world! My life is transformed today from the mundane to the miraculous! Who I am makes a difference for good on this planet! Gratefully I let it be!? And so it is!? Amen!  

Observation, Participation & Transformation

The key that unlocks the storehouse of inspiration, of your inner genius, is within you. Turn the key with meaningful inquiry, humility, and gratitude, all of which silence the ego and magnetize the divine muse to whisper into your intuitive awareness. Once you have amused the muse with your inquiry into the Self, it may softly approach you in the form of a sweet or consoling presence, or very loudly through challenging circumstances. The muse will don whatever form is necessary for awakening the genius-consciousness within each one of us.  

All the good of God is always mine to receive. Joyfully I discover, uncover and reveal my true Spiritual gifts. Today I extend my field of gratitude and expand my awareness of God. Opinion free living and divine right seeing are mine today. I am healed and whole in every area of my life. Gracefully I live these words of truth. And So It Is!? Amen!