From Storyline To Vision Sublime

Real thinking is inspiration.? The Japanese have a word for thinking?kamkura, which means to return to the realm of God.? Thatfs real thinking.? As we begin to practice affirmative prayer, meditation, study and fellowship, the inspired thoughts of God can begin to think themselves through us.? Those are affirmative, life-giving, life-enhancing, constructive , creative, beautifying thoughts.? This practice allows us to get in touch with our real nature, which is life, which is the life of God, and now the thoughts that begin to emerge from that contract are life-giving and affirmative, beautifying and constructive.? Our life then progresses, it evolves.

Godfs divine idea for my life is etched on my soul! Today I activate, cultivate and demonstrate the creative nature within me! A program for permanent prosperity is installed in my consciousness! Unconditional love is the fuel and the fire of all my relationships! God powered insights reign supreme in my awareness! I am happy and healthy and wholly Godfs own! Gratefully I let it be!?? So be it!? Amen!  

Emerge & SEE

Do you seek how to make yourself free, or how to be free from yourself? Contemplating the difference is an interesting revelation of our motive for entering the spiritual path. After all, enlightenment is not a commodity to be coerced into onefs consciousness. It is not a quantity of something, it is a quality of being, yearning to be discovered and expressed in, through and as you. In our fast-paced society, if we arenft scrambling to attain or possess something, we label ourselves as lazy. However, when we live in a consciousness of trust, knowing that an invisible hand is always taking us in the right direction, we are serene, creatively active yet patient.  

All things are working together for my good! Right here! Right now! Encoded with genius capacity I am inspired and inspiring! All is well with my body, mind and spirit! My whole life is a love filled event in God consciousness! The power of this awareness sets me free to be me! Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen.

Emerge & SEE

"A consecrated life is not a temporary or espiritually trendyf lifestyle with high consciousness slogans printed on your tea cup or sweat shirt so that others can catch how espiritualf you are.? No.? It is the Holy Name written across your forehead in the indelible ink of intimate at-oneness with Spirit.? Just by your walking into a room, the vibration is uplifted because you entered it as a humble emissary of the Spirit carrying energies of peace, joy, intelligence, transformation, compassion, love and wholeness".

The presence of God within me makes all things possible in my life! Love, peace and joy exude from the very center of my being! Divine health and wholeness radiate as my body temple! My whole life is saturated in plentitude and gratitude! I declare, I decree and I am free! And so be it! Amen!  

Emerge & SEE

As the elements of nature begin to reveal their changes in shape and color, the very ethers seem to breathe a calmness that is conducive to slowing down, opening, listening, and receiving without motive. Contemplating this, I realized that when we give our consent to walk into the unknown, the insecure, the groundless, awakening stirs. Of course this is the egofs greatest opponent, because ego loves predictability, security, to stand on the seemingly solid ground of Me. Too bad therefs no such thing!    

Every day I begin again in the full awareness of my oneness in God! A powerful field of love connects me to my heartfs desires! A fountain of God consciousness informs and inspires me! Gratitude rises up and overflows my life! Today I free my heart, open my soul and let the God times roll! And so it is! Amen!    

Emerge & SEE

In a world where old religious models are giving way to authentic spirituality, we have before us a blessed opportunity to redefine and revitalize the vision for our lives where our spiritual and social contracts are concerned. We have the opportunity to begin afresh with ourselves and in our relationships with others and our world. When we say, gNext week Ifll begin my spiritual practice,h or any other of our intensions, basically we are saying it probably wonft happen at all. That is the power of postponement. gToday I am beginning to know my essence as love itself. Today I open my awareness and meet myself face-to-face,h this is the power of being in the now moment.

Everything about me proclaims the good of God almighty! Peace by peace the beloved community is anchored through me! I live in alignment with Godfs big idea for my life! My miracle consciousness blesses everyone I meet! Divine and compelling right action orders my days and my ways! Gracefully and gratefully I let it be!? And so it is!? Amen!