Your Progress Uplifts The World ? Your Success Hinders No One

It takes a lot of courage to look into the cosmic mirror.? We are so big that it is overwhelming to take in, to imagine our true greatness, true beauty, and true enlightened beingness.? The great universe in which we live provides constant feedback about our evolutionary process if we choose to look, listen and stop making excuses for postponing our awakening. August-4-mt  

My life is lived in full participation with the Infinite! All my relations match the high vibration of unconditional love! Real and meaningful changes take place in the field of my willingness! Perfect health is my conversation, my affirmation and my demonstration! I allow the good of God to come to me and flow through me! Vision, infinite potential and unlimited possibilities are the fuels that drive my life! Gratefully I live these words of truth! And so it is!? Amen! August-4-a

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According to Eastern teachings, we donft get new wisdom, new joy, new prosperity or even new enlightenment. Rather, it is about our waking up to the awakened state of being that has been within us from the get-go. Yet there we go informing a friend that, gI just got this insight from Spirit thatch, when the truth is it is only now that we have awakened to what is and always has been awaiting our intuitive recognition and acceptance. There is no sudden gimplanth within us. Who and what we are has been present in our spirit-soul even before our parents were born. July-28-mt

I am an overflowing fountain of God consciousness! Sacred qualities and gifts of the Spirit express as me fully! Vim, vigor and spiritual vitality renew and restore my body temple! My gratitude awakens and activates greater and greater good in my life! Right seeing and divine Being! That is my destiny! And so be it! Amen! July-28-a      

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Authentic transformation has to do with the unfoldment of the Essential Self, and each of us is mandated to awaken the Self according to our own unique pattern of unfoldment. As this pattern unfolds through our spiritual practices, the sanity we are born with begins to express in our everyday activities. Now, your unique pattern of unfoldment isnft something preset in concrete. This pattern is the transformative energy within you which must be activated and customed-contoured according to your inner intuitive guidance. Attuning to this power requires surrender. Surrender requires patience, readiness, an intentionality wherein you say to yourself, gI am on the threshold of a new state of consciousness and I surrender to every step of its unfoldment.h July-21-mt

I am one with the presence of God almighty! A new world is emerging in my playful, prayerful consciousness! My high intention and deep conviction propels me forward with ease by grace! The spiritual supply within me transcends any seeming limitations! Health and wholeness are my divine birthright fully expressed! Everyday I have more and more to be grateful for! And so be it! Amen! July-21-a      

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We may seek freedom from fear, limitation and scarcity, but without exploring and cultivating our inner organic freedom, it will only be an external process of freeing ourselves from something, not an internal realization of authentic freedom for something. July-14-mt

The evidence of God is everywhere in my life! My unlimited potential meets every demand in new and expanded ways! Wholeness is the activity of my consciousness and the natural expression of my Being! The creative genius of the universe expresses through me! I am an artist of the soul! This word is the law of my life lived in God! Gratefully I let it be! And so be it! Amen! July-14-a      

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gThe realization of the Selfh, Sri Aurobindo states, gis the straight and swift way towards individual liberation. To realize Self is to realize the eternal freedom of the Spirit.h Our innate desire to be free, then, is not freedom from something, but freedom for something, that something being a conscious realization of our innate freedom as spiritual beings having a human incarnation. The echo of the freedom of the Spirit resounds within us. July-7-mt

Gratefully I pray and stay in God consciousness! My soul forces and spiritual senses are activated right here, right now! The vitalizing energy of pure Spirit transforms my body temple and the body of my affairs! Triumphant peace and transcendent freedom express in, through, around and about me! BAM! It is already done! Blessed and multiplied! And so it is! Amen! July-7-a