Your Threshold of Transformation

Awareness is our great ally on our journey to the Self within. It keeps us awake and present to the now moment so that we may respond from our authentic being and wisdom of the heart. We are able to break free of society's conditioning, from mindsets and behavior patterns that limit our capacity to relish and participate in life's ecstatic beauty Agape-Meditative-Thought-April-21

I live in the garden of God consciousness! Divine ideas emerge through my oneness with Spirit! Peace is anchored through my every thought, word and action! My body temple is a filament for divine light! Ever expanding good provides for me in everyday in every way! All praise and glory is to God! And so it is! Amen! Agape-Affirmations-April-21-a

Your Threshold of Transformation

Awareness remains with us throughout our incarnation. Patiently it waits for us to mature into wanting to know who we are, why we were born, and what we're going to do about it. As we seek answers to these perennial questions, pain pushes us until we catch a vision for our life that pulls us. Then, as we spiritually deepen, we take more self-responsibility, we become more centered, attentive, mindful, awake and aware. Agape-Meditative-Thought-April-14

God has infused greatness in me! I let it shine! My high intentions govern my attitudes and my actions! The perfect idea of abundance bursts into expression as me! Resolving to evolve I watch all problems dissolve! A live of beauty, health and wholeness flow from my oneness with God! Grateful to be me I set myself free! So be it! Amen! Agape-Affirmation-April-14

Ever True - Ever New

Spirit so loves to manifest that it placed its own Light at the center of your being. At your core, beyond the liming thought forms you have bought into, there is a divine blueprint, a spiritual integrity factor. Today, dare to come out of a materialization mode and enter into the manifestation consciousness that is your birthright. In this state of conscious awareness you will live each moment as an embodiment of the words of Jesus when he said, "Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Then the birds will carry food to your doorstep. Agape Meditative Though Week of March 24 2013

God lives in my heart and loves as my life! The vitalizing energy of pure Spirit renews my body temple! My life bears witness to the miraculous nature of God! I am abundantly grateful and gratefully abundant! The Christ consciousness is resurrected in me today! This is a good beginning! And so it is! Amen! Agape_affirmation-March-24-2013


When we take the time to daily pray and meditate, our concept of self expands beyond the narrow confines of ego. We realize that we are unlimited, that our mind is omnipresent, that our consciousness is omniscient. Event if it appears to require an omnipotent effort to arrive at enlightenment, is it not worth it to become forever free from any sense of separation from our Source? There is no greater joy. Meditation for week of Febriary 24

Say these aloud! God is the omni activity of my life! I sit, I stand in truth and I rise in wholeness! All the good of God comes forth from the center of my being! Love is my life's work and I embrace it fully! My body temple takes on the shape of spiritual beauty and absolute wholeness! I am an ambassador for peace and a world that works for everyone! I believe, I receive and I am grateful! And so it is! Amen! Affirmation Febrary 24


When I asked myself what quality of consciousness and so on... this is just a test for now.

These affirmations... you guessed it, also a test for now.