Conversations-2012-archivesPresented by Agape University with Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

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You Must Be Prosperous Now—It’s a Universal Mandate!
Conversations on the Emerging Edge of Prosperity

with Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Prosperity. Is it magical thinking, or a genuine science? Do we possess a spiritual gene motivating our desire to be prosperous? Must we work hard at it, or is it as simple as developing a new mindset?

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In this two-day intensive Dr. Beckwith will take you far beyond a superficial relationship with prosperity into a new depth of respect for and practice of the universal principles governing prosperity as they relate to your personal life. He will:

· Take you deeply into the origin of the inner impulsion to be prosperous

· Teach the principles for overcoming individual obstacles to prosperity

· Share the methods for creating prosperity in our 8 fundamental life structures

· Describe the subtle differences between being rich and being wealthy

· Show how to uncover your true beliefs about prosperity in relation to the energy of money

· Reveal the benefits of practicing gratitude and tithing

What do you want to take away from this conversation

that would make a difference in your life?

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