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week of January 14, 2018

From deep within your heart and soul right down to your bone marrow, you are a unique, individualized expression of Spirit whose purpose it is to come into full realization of this truth.  In every moment that you become fully present to the Presence expressing as your Self, “I AM” becomes “We Are.”  Any sense of separation from Source dissolves, leaving only We—as  One. This is Spirit’s vow to you, its promise etched in forever which has been permanently tattooed upon your being and can never be removed.

- Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

week of January 14, 2018

I am a citizen of eternity here on a mission from God!

The Spirit within me moves me with ease and grace!

Love is my natural state of being; it shines through all I do!

My cells dance in celebration of perfect health and divine beauty!

I am a full participant in the abundant nature of the universe!

Everything in my life is an opportunity for more gratitude to express!

And that’s the way it is!

So be it! Amen!

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