Agape Road Show

The Agape Road Show shares the talents of Agape’s musicians, singers, poets, actors, storytellers, acrobats and comedians. We offer caring and uplifting entertainment in convalescent homes, hospitals, hospices, youth facilities and other environments whose residents are shut-in throughout Los Angeles county and the New York City area.

Project recipients include:

  • Oceanview Convalescent Hospital
  • Marina Care Convalescent Home
  • Fireside Convalescent Home
  • Westside Health Care Convalescent Home
  • Terminal Island Federal Prison
  • Shriner’s Hospital for Children
  • Children’s Institute International
  • Veteran’s Memorial Home, New Jersey
  • Morningside House, Bronx, New York City

We appreciate your support, please click the "donate" button you will be able to set the amount you'd like to donate.

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EmpowerLA is about helping each person to realize that we are ALL capable of making a positive difference in others’ lives. EmpowerLA Volunteer Directors (Mentors) are committed to working one on one with individuals to help each and every one find their passion and purpose.

EmpowerLA’s vision is for Los Angeles to lead the world in people helping people. Their mission is to establish Los Angeles as the world model for engaging people in helping others, and to provide an avenue for people who want to get involved but don’t know how. Additionally, EmpowerLA provides nonprofit organizations with an avenue...

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