Agape Smiles!

 Agape Smiles
Artwork by Bettina Hubby 

It’s Here! Celebrated artist Bettina Hubby has created Agape Smiles,
a beautiful, original photo print, now available to the Agape community! 

Artist Statement:
“Thank you for sending in your smiles! I enjoyed working with them as the medium to create Agape Smiles, a vibratory artwork representing our gratitude in celebration of Agape's 36th Anniversary! As Rev. Michael wisely reminds us, smiles benefit our minds, bodies, and spirit. I wanted to reflect our smiles back to him and visualize the power of our uplifted connection!” ~Bettina

CLICK HERE for more information and to purchase your very own Agape Smiles original photo print edition!

Thank You, and Keep Smiling!