AgapeLive at Home

Agape is moving online with many opportunities for you to be supported!

To actively connect and be a part of the Agape beloved community!

Here are some of our offerings:

Daily Prayer Sessions

Join your Agape Family each morning at 8am as we establish ourselves in the Truth of our existence through prayer.

With so much going on in our world you want to begin your day anchored in Truth and Agape’s ministers and practitioners will support you in living this Reality!

Daily Meditation Sessions

Join your Agape Family at 12pm for daily meditation as we anchor in the Consciousness of Ultimate Reality.

We have a wonderful opportunity to join our lights together uplifting ourselves, our community and the entire world!

We’ll meet on Agape’s Facebook page at noon pacific time daily Monday – Saturday!

Spiritual Community Gatherings

Join us Friday evenings in an enriching, inspiring gathering hosted by
Agape’s Master Teachers.

Fridays, 5:30 – 7pm PT via Zoom 

Each week is hosted by a panel discussing topics pertaining to spiritual practice and their application in a sometimes troubling world.

We will experience meditation, prayer, inspirational readings, and Q & A.

Email  for your invitation to join us in the zoom video conference. 

One From the Heart’s Crisis Support Clinic

Beginning Monday, March 30th, One From the Heart’s Crisis Support Clinic is moving online!

We will be in session from 4pm-6pm PST, so you may have a mini-counseling session with an Agape Licensed practitioner.

Email us at  to set up your 20 min. appointment.