Earth Spirit Agape

Earth Spirit Agape serves local and global environmental community movements with both physical and spiritual support for a sustainable-ecological community. Through its educational events relating to sustainability and hands-on program projects, an awareness of the interconnectedness of life is brought to thousands of individuals.

Programs/projects include:

  • Provides advocacy support for social justice causes
  • Facilitates educational programs on sustainability such as recycling and how to run a green community
  • Plants trees with Learning Garden at Venice High School and Tree People
  • Participate in Earth Day celebrations, Earth Walks and Ocean Day
  • Organizes hikes and Def Poetry Jams at Tree People Amphitheater
  • Participates in coastal cleanup with California Coastal Commission, Heal the Bay
  • Creates healing gardens in communities such as Protected Torture Victims, domestic violence organizations/shelters, gang neighborhoods


  • Visioning – Second Sunday of each month. Email for time and location
  • On-Going – Nature outings, hikes and prayer walks. Email for details
  • Archangel Garden Society – Second Sunday 1–5pm at the Learning Garden

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