Self-Awareness and Transcendent Consciousness - 8 Week Online Course

Mastering the Art of Spiritual Living in These Times

Did you know that there is a Transcendent Self in you just waiting to come out? And that pure Awareness is the ticket that helps set You free!!   When one is truly aware, the whole world becomes your spiritual playground. And as you become more aware of your oneness with God, you will begin to live life at your highest possible level. In this transformational 8 week class, we will explore a variety of ways to:

  • Connect with the earth’s frequencies and energies.
  • Learn about the nature of nondual reality.
  • Practice exercises that help eliminate limiting beliefs.
  • Activate of your unrealized potential
  • Become the master of your destiny.

Rev. Dr. Cheryl J. Ward, Instructor

Tuesdays: June 9 – July 28, 2020

8 Weeks course - Online through Zoom

ONLINE Course - Class Recordings will be available for those unable to join at specified time. 

Class Time(s):

Afternoon Class

1pm – 3pm (PT) / 8pm – 10pm (GMT)

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Evening Class

7pm – 9pm (PT) / 2am – 4am (GMT)

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    • Meditation and the Evolution of Consciousness
    • Universal Laws Governing Spiritual Living
    • Life Visioning
    • Prayer 1 or Prayer 2 Class

    Click here to email Carlton Teabout, Director of Student Affairs, for more info. 

    Required Books:

    The Divine Matrix, by Gregg Braden

    The Wisdom Codes, by Gregg Braden

    Luminous Life, by Jacob Israel Liberman, with Gina Liberman and Erik Liberman

    The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran

    This class is one of the required courses if you are on the Practitioner Pathway.

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