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The Sound of Agape is where you’ll find inspirational and joy-filled music by Rickie BB and Reverend Michael, composed specifically for the Agape International Choir and the Agape family.

You can download the choral, piano and band sheet music and/or the songs and chants themselves, delivered to you in digital files in standard formats (mp3 and pdf).

These work on your computer, smart phone or tablet.


Click here to check it out!!  10 chants, all your favorites.   Ashe Ashe, Celebrate, I Release, Use Me and many more!!  And  20 amazing songs !!   I Rejoice in Thee, Genesis, Falling Away from Me, Make Me Stronger and More!!! 


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What’s Coming up??

Watch for ‘Walking with God‘, Rickie’s newest chant.   And also, look for ‘The Key‘.  Both will be available soon!

Check back often to see what’s fresh and new.

Here’s to singing and dancing to this rhythmic joyful SOUND!!

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“City of God”, written by Rickie Byars Beckwith and Michael Bernard Beckwith, performed by Rev. Leon Campbell, Rickie Byars Beckwith and the Agape International Choir.

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The Agape Choir Ensemble, directed by Marianne Lewis, performed recently at the Saban Theater for the Kindred Spirits Organization benefiting “Save a Child’s Heart” Foundation. The Agape Choir Ensemble gathered today during services to share one of their favorite musical selections from that evening with us, “I Was Here”.

“I Was Here” was originally written by Hillary Scott, Gary Burr, and Victoria Shaw; and was recorded by Lady Antebellum in 2008.

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Stand in your awwe of God as Gino Walker sings “To God Be the Glory” Performed at the Agape International Spiritual Center on 8/12/2012.

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