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Prayer is touching Reality without seeking to get anything.

Michael B. Beckwith

In The Power of Prayer 6-week online course led by Rev. Carlton Teabout and a powerhouse team of teachers – Michael B. Beckwith, Akili Beckwith, Rev. Deborah L. Johnson, Rev. Suzi Lula, Rev. Jason Daveon Mitchell, Rev. Kim Stanwood Terranova and Rev. Victoria Thomas – you will be guided in Agape’s unique prayer technology, The Six-Step Affirmative Prayer process, and discover how and why this process works and develop an understanding and working knowledge of the key elements of prayer.


In a world erupting with change, do you feel heard?

Do you have something you can anchor into amidst the tides of transformation that empowers and sustains your sense of Self?

On the simplest and deepest levels, we all want to know that we are heard, felt, and seen.

The one constant is change, yes. And wouldn’t it be comforting to know that despite all that unfurls and unfolds around you, that you are still held, covered, protected, safe?

The truth is you can know this. You can live this. You can breathe this. You can experience this through The Power of Prayer.

As Rev. Michael teaches, prayer is the foundation of spiritual practice. In its simplest form and expression, prayer awakens your awareness of your Oneness with the Divine. It is the direct channel and line of communication that extends from you to the Heart-Mind of Spirit, of the Presence of the Living God.


Prayer is the first wireless form of communication.

Michael B. Beckwith


Prayer is an experience.

Prayer swings wide open the doors of opportunity. Prayer activates healing. Prayer minimizes feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety, and soothes uncertainty.

More than anything, prayer restores you to a rightful awareness and understanding of who you are and your relationship to God. Prayer anchors the absolute truth of what IS!

Once you are fully aware of your relationship to Source, the Universe opens in ways beyond your imagination. That is the beauty of prayer. That is the mystery of prayer. That is the love of prayer. That is the joy of prayer. That is the peace of prayer.

That is The Power of Prayer.


In this course you will:

  • Establish a love affair with prayer
  • Transform your ideas about prayer. Prayer is not begging or beseeching a reluctant deity to give you something. Prayer is aligning oneself with what already is> and anchoring absolute Truth through spiritual principle and law
  • Develop an understanding and working knowledge of these three key elements of prayer: the foundation of the Agape Six-Step Affirmative Prayer Process framework, the feeling that fuels it, and the principle that makes it so
  • Find your unique prayer voice
  • Learn to pray in an empowering way


You also will learn from a different guest master teacher each week who will bring their consciousness and knowledge of spiritual practice and prayer, including:

Week 1

Gratitude with Rev. Jason Daveon Mitchell

Learn how evoking a feeling-tone of gratitude opens the doors to your heart.

Week 2

Recognition with Akili Beckwith, ALSP

Evoke and explore the Presence of God in all of Its splendor.

Week 3

Unification with Rev. Victoria Thomas

Explore an ever-deepening awareness of our oneness with God and all creation.

Week 4

Realization with Rev. Deborah L. Johnson

Learn to name and claim dynamic universal principles that heal by revealing the perfection of the Truth.

Week 5

Thanksgiving with Rev. Kim Stanwood Terranova

Celebrate and give thanks that this Truth revealed itself through the word, give thanks for the realization

Week 6

Release with Rev. Suzi Lula

Understanding that the word was spoken into a law…letting go, letting God and letting it be…understanding it’s already done…


Required Books for this Course:

- Prayer by Ernest Holmes
- The Feeling is the Secret by Neville Goddard

Class starts Tuesday March 22, 2022, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific Time, and ends April 26, 2022.

If you are unable to participate in the live online class, you will receive the class recordings to watch at a date and time convenient to you.

Email Rev. Carlton Teabout, Mgr., Agape University, carlton@agapelive.com for questions.


Whether you are new to prayer or have an established prayer practice, this course will support you in deepening your relationship to the Divine through prayer.

Register today and learn to pray the Agape way!

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