Ten Principles for a Life Worth Living (Softcover)

Ten Principles for a Life Worth Living (Softcover)

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Karen Mills-Alston, ALSP (Author)

Whether you are a beginning, intermediate or advanced spiritual seeker, a curious explorer of inner space, or simply want practical tools for moving beyond your current boundaries, Karen Mills-Alston’s 10 Principles for a Life Worth Living is a trustworthy guide for consciously navigating the terrain of everyday life.  

With consistent and proper spiritual practice, we begin to change our subconscious beliefs to be more in alignment with what we wish to experience consciously. One such practice is the use of affirmations. As we practice affirming the Truth of our being, which is spiritual perfection, and creating the feeling tone of our desire being met, we start to change our subconscious and often unconscious beliefs to match what we really want to manifest in our lives.
This book will assist you into coming in alignment with the proper use of this age-old technology.


  • Paperback: 121 pages ( pocket-size)
  • Publisher: That Guy's House  -  Copyright: 2019
  • Language: English