The Sacred Yes (Hardcover)

The Sacred Yes (Hardcover)

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Letters from the Infinite Volume I

Revealed By: Rev. Deborah L. Johnson

The Voice of the Divine is as near to you as your own breath-just ask.
Rev. Deborah offers 54 epistles that provide soothing affirmative wisdom, and words that lift us to our higher place of being.
Each letter is a conversation discrete in its own message.
The lessons are universal, addressing the human condition common to us all.
They provide solace, insight, and inspiration for our hurts, fears, hopes, hesitations, and aspirations. 
The Sacred YES speaks individually and collectively providing new paradigms for our interpersonal relationships, societal institutions, and global affairs.

These letters are an invitation to deepen our relationship with the Divine. As they acknowledge our strength and frailties, constructs, and confusion, they encourage, chide, and carry us across the threshold of our greater yet to be. 

  • Hardcover: 424 pages
  • Publisher: Sounds True Copyright; May 2006
  • Language: English