YEP! Looks Like She's Ready, ARE YOU? (Softcover)

YEP! Looks Like She's Ready, ARE YOU? (Softcover)

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The mindfulness guide for supporting children in the arts.

Author: Nichole LeShawn

From the creator of Start Smart 4 The Arts, a one-of-a-kind online program, comes the highly anticipated next project from Nicole Le Shawn. This book is a parent's source for how to mindfully support children in the arts. The book contains information on how to:
  • Find the right class and a teacher
  • Learn how to support a creative artist with confidence
  • Establish trust and learn a new way to bond
  • Awaken to your inner guidance system & creative spirit
  • Everyday practices and exercises for creating a happy journey
  • Learn the most powerful daily practices of self-love and acceptance for both you and your child.
Nicole LeShawn is a performing arts educator with over 20 years of professional teaching and performing experience. 

  • Paperback: 137 pages
  • Published by: Nicole LeShawn Woods 2022
  • Language: English