drjaneboltonDr. Jane Bolton is passionate about the power of conscious interpersonal communicating. As an Agape-trained practitioner, she long ago recognized that healthy communication is the result of using Spiritual Principles. She created the class, Communication: A Spiritual Practice as a way to share the must-have skills that she has learned. Using these skills opens the potential of relational and personal healings, Real Self expressive expansion, and Possibility itself! She has written an e-book, Love Lessons: How to Make Love through Deep Listening, which describes these skills.

She has practiced as a “positive” psychotherapist for 23 years, and in that role, was voted “Best in Culver City” for 2011, 2012, and 2014. She is also a certified Advanced Destination Coach in the spiritualized NLP program for Healing the Wounded Hearts of the World, trained by Dr. Robert Dee McDonald.

Dr. Bolton previously wrote a blog for Psychology Today, “Your Zesty Self”, and for the past four years has been a monthly contributor to Agape’s Inner Visions: A Guide for Daily Inspiration.

Before she became a therapist, she was an actor and acting coach, and was highly rated in the Hollywood Acting Coaches and Teachers Guide which stated that “her excellence has been well known for many years.” The PowerAgent magazine mentioned her as “dynamic,” having “proven, revolutionary methods,” and that she “has dedicated her life to finding ways to help all us industry individuals live our lives to their fullest potential.” She was also quoted in the online Time magazine.

Her academic credentials include a Doctoral degree in Contemporary Psychoanalysis, from the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis and designation there as a supervising and training analyst, a Master’s Degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis in family studies, and a BA from Duke University in English Literature. But Dr. Jane’s living communication study credentials are from her own challenges in communications in her childhood family. She knows that those challenges and the growth they spawned demonstrate Divine Order in action and that is part of her mission to share what she has learned for the benefit of others.

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