Eisha_Mason.jpegEisha Mason has been an Agape licensed practitioner since 1986.  A powerful speaker and teacher, Eisha has taught many classes and workshops at Agape and other spiritual centers and has been in private practice for 29 years.


Throughout her many years of service at Agape, she co-founded CommonUnity, the community outreach ministry at Agape. As the umbrella ministry for many areas of service, Common Unity includes: ACTION AGAPE which serves various communities and co-partners with other non-profits to provide service in many areas; FREEDOM LIGHT PRISON MINISTRY serves the incarcerated, their loved ones and those victimized by crime through the offering of love, prayer support and compassion to name a few; SACRED SERVICE SATURDAY a once-a-year event that, through volunteers, provides loving service via community projects throughout Los Angeles; the AGAPE ROAD SHOW which offers loving and inspiring entertainment at hospitals, convalescent homes, youth facilities, and hospices and; EARTH SPIRIT AGAPE, which provides spiritual and physical support to local and global communities through educational events to bring awareness of the inter-connectedness of all life.


A speaker, author and teacher of social justice and nonviolence Eisha is the former executive director of The Center for the Advancement of Nonviolence, where she co-created and taught Soulforce Training, a program endorsing personal transformation.  She also spearheaded the launch of the first Season for Nonviolence in Los Angeles in 1998.


As an activist and peacemaker, Eisha partnered with others to enable the passage of the only state resolution opposing U.S. torture in the war on terror. As a writer, she co-authored 64 Ways to Practice Nonviolence and contributed to How to Stop the Next War Now.


Eisha Mason currently serves as Interim Regional Director of the American Friends Service Committee in Los Angeles.

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