Matthew Baumueller, ALSPMatthew Baumueller graduated in 1997 as a Practitioner of the Agape International Spiritual Center and found that practitioner training had changed his life by assisting him in discovering his relationship with the Divine.  He felt called to serve with the University of Transformational Studies and Leadership at Agape (Agape University) after graduation, and moved quickly from facilitating all the basic courses to Practitioner I Training.


After serving as facilitator and facilitator coach for six years, he was given the responsibility of creating, staffing and teaching the first year of practitioner training.  He and fellow Agape Practitioner, Eisha Mason, have been co-teaching Practitioner I Training since 2008.  Matthew is passionate about assisting others in awakening to their spiritual identity and guiding each student to their inherent Oneness with Spirit.


Before graduating from Practitioner Training, Matthew served on the Consciousness of Wealth Committee for two years and then joined the Agape Board of Trustees in 1998 where he served as Treasurer until 2008.


In addition, he has served as the Coordinator for all Revelation speakers since 1998.  With his committee of loving Practitioners, each speaker is enveloped in the Agape consciousness with such care that they are fully available to present their gift at the Agape Revelation conference.


Matthew has traveled on spiritual journeys with Rev. Michael to Africa, Egypt, and Peru as well as explored a large part of our blue planet.  He believes that every culture and every society has something to share that assists us in finding something deeper within ourselves.  “Intentional travel isn’t just an outward adventure, but an inward journey of the soul.”


Originally from Germany, Matthew has lived in the U.S. since 1984 and considers himself a Global citizen who feels at home wherever he is.  He has been married to Marilyn Poulter for almost 30 years, has three children and five grandchildren.


After studying mathematics and business in Germany and the U.S., he became a successful Certified Financial Planner retiring in 2002 to build his Real Estate portfolio of residential properties.


Next to being with his family, he feels most at home in a room filled with Truth seekers who have a high intention to reveal the Divine as their lives.

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