Rev. Candice GeeRev. Candice Gee is a financial consultant with a business management focus and entertainment based client roster. For 19 years, Candice has successfully maintained an accounting and business management practice and a professional reputation that bespeaks of honesty and integrity. Highly organized, she fuses her business knowledge and experience with a dynamic clarity and order.


A visionary, Candice has built strong foundational structures for several individuals and companies, witnessing complete turnaround by the implementation of solid financial strategies and the elimination of debt methodically and systematically. Her proven leadership has taken small and medium size debt ridden companies to debt free companies with millions in positive cash flow annually. Known and respected for her razor sharp financial wit and straight forward no nonsense approach, she has assisted many high profile clients in avoiding financial nose dives by bringing to light the emotional responses that often undergird behavior relating to money and finance.  Her experience and insights into the specific needs of a client or company allow her to create individually tailored systems that produce lasting results. Candice’s clients net worth range from eight hundred thousand to fifteen million dollars.


Candice practices excellent interpersonal and communication skills and has spoken on prosperity, inspirational living and the ‘how to’ in realizing financial freedom.


Candice is a graduate of the executive leadership program at the Anderson School of Business at UCLA. Additionally, for the past 17 years Candice has held a Spiritual Practitioner’s license from the renowned Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California and has directed and co-directed four ministries throughout her 21 years of active service. Candice is a recent graduate of the school of ministry from the University of Transformational Leadership and Studies at Agape. She teaches courses on prosperity at Agape as well as other spiritual centers and business venues throughout the United States.


Candice currently serves as the Director of Membership at Agape.

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