Reverend Dr. Coco Stewart, a founding member of the Agape International Spiritual Center, was a part of the original Vision Core, which met in 1986 and out of which Agape emerged.  An ordained minister for fifteen years, Rev. Coco is the director of One From The Heart, Agape’s Pastoral Care Ministry that profoundly touches the lives of its 9,000 member community by providing prayer, visitations and other ministrations to persons moving through life’s transitions.  Rev. Coco oversees seven teams under this ministry which support people through crisis counseling, home and hospital visitations, moving beyond being a diagnosis, transition support, memorial and funeral services, bereavement support, children’s support related to these issues, and an animal kinship group


As one who has practiced and lived the New Thought-Ageless Wisdom tradition of spirituality for many years, Rev. Coco is a gifted teacher in Agape University’s classes, as well as an instructor in the Agape University of Transformation Studies and Leadership school of ministry program, teaching pastoral education for ministers and licensed spiritual practitioners.   These and additional workshops, seminars and retreats facilitated by Rev. Coco are saturated with the results of her own inner work and twenty-six years of private practice as a licensed prayer practitioner.  She was inducted into the Board of Preachers of the Martin Luther King Jr. Chapel at Morehouse College in 2000 which honors clergy for their lifetime work in social justice.


Rev. Coco was honored to be awarded an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from the Agape Spiritual Center in June 2013.


The consistent fuel of unconditional divine love and devotion to Spirit is what fires the surrendered life of service that characterizes Reverend Dr. Coco Stewart.

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