Rev. Ron Blair is a visionary, a dedicated spiritual teacher and a seeker of Truth of many years.  He is a student of Love and Life and shares his wittiness and wisdom with students, instructors and his co-facilitators in the many classes and workshops in which he participates.

An Agape Licensed Practitioner of over 17 years, Ron has served and continues to serve in many areas in the Agape community.  He is an avid practitioner of Truth and recently graduated from the Agape Ministerial Studies Program, a vision of his that is still unfolding.

For over ten years, Ron has been teaching and facilitating classes and workshops based on New Thought/Spiritual Principles teachings through Agape University, working closely and under the mentorship of Rev. Dr. Cheryl Ward, Dean of the University.  Twice a year, Ron teaches New Thought Ageless Wisdom (Foundations II), one of the prerequisites class for students entering the Practitioner Studies Program where he is also a facilitator of many years.  In addition, he is co-instructor, along with Rev. Cheryl, in the powerful Self Awareness and the Evolving Consciousness class where students are invited to explore their inner Self through experientials (inside and outside the class environment), group dynamics and class lectures.  For many years, Ron has been the head lead facilitator for Rev. Michael’s classes – Foundations of Universal Principles Themes and Laws Governing the Universe (Foundations I), and Meditation and the Evolution of Consciousness – alongside Rev. Cheryl. He is also a long-time head lead facilitator assisting Akili Beckwith with the Meditation Practices and Principles class.  All of these classes are prerequisites for those going on to practitioner studies.

For many years, Ron directing and continues to facilitate the weekly A Course in Miracles study group meetings at Agape every Sunday after service.  Along with Rev. Leon, Ron co-directs the I AM Men’s Ministry which he helped to establish 14 years ago. This ministry provides service to our Agape community as well as other Los Angeles communities.

Ron held a California State Certified Adult Teaching Credential in Substance Abuse and Stress Management, which he taught in the California Correctional system of Parole and County Jail.  Ron was also a Substance Abuse Counselor at the private level at the Promises Residential Treatment Center in Los Angeles.

Ron, a former Agape Choir member, is a lover of music and enjoys playing DJ in class with his wide array of music . He is also well-known for his famous guacamole dip!

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