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Life Visioning

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Life Visioning


Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith

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A Transformative Process for Activating Your Unique Gifts and Highest Potential.

Michael Beckwith created the life Visioning Process to be a transformative technology for applying deep inquiry and spiritual practice to enable growth, development and unfoldment of your soul. With Life Visioning, he details the process in its entirety, with invaluable insights and meditations to help you each step of the way, including: The Four Stages of Consciousness, The Dance of Co-Creation, Where Powerful Intentions Come From, The “Dark Night of the Soul”, Cultivating Intuition, and Applying the Life Visioning Process in All Areas of Your Life.

“When your thoughts and actions begin to align with the imperatives of your soul, you enroll the full support of the Universe. Unimagined possibilities begin to open up as you synchronize with the Divine” (~ MBB). With Life Visioning, this dynamic teacher shares an unparallelled method for navigating every stage of your evolutionary journey- and fulfilling your highest calling as only you can.


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  1. Hull says:

    how can i buy this book “life visioning” and could i get it autographed?

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