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Leap With Intention!  Your Wonderful Life Already Exists!

We live, move, and have our being in a field of infinite possibilities with
infinite potential. Or we can also say that we live, move, and have our being
in God, the Love-Intelligence governing the Universe, and more.
Regardless of how we language this ageless Truth, it is true that within this
field the life you desire to live already exists. Yes, it already exists in the
rich field of infinite possibilities, it’s already happening! Your Soul-Self
wants you to leap into this possibility with clear intention and full abandon.
By aligning your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions with the timeline
you desire to experience, you can quantum leap and manifest that Reality.
This is why attending Agape’s spiritual community on a consistent
basis is vital. This is why hanging with folks who have high intentions is so
important. Because not only do you become the company you keep, but
surrounding yourself with uplifted individuals helps to keep you in
vibrational harmony with the feeling-tone of the life you truly desire.
Remember this process of leaping into an already existing possibility is
based upon the science that the Universe is not deterministic or linear, but
rather is made up of infinite possible states and timelines and that our
consciousness is not limited to a single timeline but can shift based on our
focus and vibration.
When you finally get clear on the desired life you want to experience
and envision with feeling the details of that life as already happening, you
won’t merely be trying to manifest a different life while you remain the same
person. You will come into alignment with your Soulful Self that is living the
most wonderful life and you will let go of the false self that has spun webs
of realities based on thoughts of not being good enough, or thoughts of
being damaged, unloved, or the other lies it tells itself.
You will leap into the life that is waiting for you to live! It’s happening
NOW! Let’s leap! Let’s Live!

Radical Blessings,
Rev. Michael

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