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Meditative Thought

No energetic for change is more potent than that which begins from the inside out because it is the interior life that activates the law of intentionality.  One’s intentions reveal the true desire of the heart.  The good news is that those desires that do not serve us in our growth towards enlightenment may be discarded for those which do.  As co-creators with the Spirit, we may redirect energy that does not support mindfulness of the Self.  It takes a willingness to shift our cherished habits, beliefs, opinions and projections.  Yet the moment you catch that the highest desire of your true heart is to live in attunement with the Divine, you unleash its energetic of Grace, easing the way to your ascent in consciousness.      

Week of Apr 21, 2024


I am available to be a rich and mighty blessing on this planet!

The universal law of cosmic good is always working in my life!

The idea that God planted in my soul is emerging with grace and ease!

I choose to reveal the highest and best within me no matter what!

Excellence breaks through into every sphere of my existence!

These words of affirmation are grounded in truth and founded in gratitude!

And so it is!  Amen!






Week of Apr 21, 2024

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Agape at a Glance

27 Apr

Practitioner Student Free Workshops


Dive into an immersive journey of enlightenment
and empowerment with our extraordinary lineup of workshops.

04 May

Manifestación Mística


¡Únete a la Reverenda Cheryl J. Ward, autora del Juramento de Manifestación junto con la Reverenda Cynthia Ambriz, autora de La Vida Encuentra la Manera y miembra de Somos Agape el sábado 4 de mayo de 2024 para esta clase magistral gratuita! Comienza a las 11:00 a.m. y finaliza a las 1:00 p.m. PT

06 Jun

Agape’s Daily Meditation Sessions


Join your Agape Family daily, at 12:00pm PT on Facebook Live, for daily meditation sessions.

15 Jun

Sacred Service Saturday 2024


Join us June 15th for Agape's 27th Annual Sacred Service Saturday, LIVING THE LOVE, as we serve all over our greater Los Angeles community and around the world.

24 Jun

OFTH Crisis Support Clinic


The Support Clinic will be in session from 4pm-6pm PT, every Monday, so you may have
a mini-counseling session with an Agape Licensed practitioner.

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