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Meditative Thought

Our true nature can never be handcuffed, imprisoned, pirated, hacked, held hostage, nor destroyed.  In the reality of this now moment, freedom is living, breathing, loving, and expressing within, through, and as your spirit-soul.  This spiritual principle is evidenced through the lives of those who related to themselves as being free amidst the loss of outer independence—persons like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Victor Frankel, Rosa Parks.  They, along with others who have shared how their inner spirit of freedom sustained them, are for us the examples of the changeless reality of being.

Week of Apr 14, 2024


Today I use every opportunity for spiritual practice.

I walk hand-in-hand with Spirit, knowing that love, compassion and peace conquer all!

I breathe life into my spiritual practice remaining open at the top!

I accept my spiritually elegant seat at Life’s table, nourishing my mind, body and spirit!

I consciously reveal the energy of abundance, wholeness and beauty!

In the spirit of gratitude I live these words of truth!  And so it is!  Amen!!






Week of Apr 14, 2024

our events

Agape at a Glance

21 Apr

Earth Day at Agape April 21st


Join us this Sunday, April 21st at 11:30 AM PT for a powerful Earth Day service led by Rev. Michael in collaboration with Pulse Fund. 

04 May

Manifestación Mística


¡Únete a la Reverenda Cheryl J. Ward, autora del Juramento de Manifestación junto con la Reverenda Cynthia Ambriz, autora de La Vida Encuentra la Manera y miembra de Somos Agape el sábado 4 de mayo de 2024 para esta clase magistral gratuita! Comienza a las 11:00 a.m. y finaliza a las 1:00 p.m. PT

05 Jun

Freedom Path – Monthly Meeting


Together, in a safe space where unconditional love, support and open-hearted sharing is available for anyone seeking liberation from limiting beliefs, habits, attachments or addictions that no longer serve them.


09 Jun

OFTH Bereavement Support Group


The One From The Heart Bereavement Support Group meets online, on the second Sunday of each month.

This group provides a safe and loving environment open to all in need of support during the grieving process.

15 Jun

Sacred Service Saturday 2024


Join us June 15th for Agape's 27th Annual Sacred Service Saturday, LIVING THE LOVE, as we serve all over our greater Los Angeles community and around the world.

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