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Agape University offers a unique, transformational education program designed to cultivate and integrate your conscious evolution spiritually, intellectually, and professionally. We teach a practical approach to spirituality based on the principles of New Thought/Ageless Wisdom, and the science of inner transformation as taught by our founder, Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith.

It is our goal to develop students who are committed to their spiritual growth and become groundbreaking leaders in their own communities, and ultimately, the transformational leaders for our world.

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Agape University courses are designed to tap into the genius within. Our courses incorporate deep wisdom teachings, emerging sciences, mystical explorations, prayer, visioning, meditation, experiential activities, and transformational processes, as well as tools and strategies for moving beyond our current paradigm and belief systems.

Students are encouraged to incorporate these teachings into their lives through daily practice.

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This Program Is Under Revision.

The Agape Prayer Practitioner Certificate program certifies you to pray ‘The Agape Way.’  

Supported and led by Agape’s powerful Practitioner Core, Ministers, and Rev. Michael, you will: 

–  Learn Spiritual Principles, the foundation of the 6-Step Affirmative Prayer Treatment

–  Cultivate your Spiritual practice, specifically meditation and the Life Visioning Process™

–  Learn to embody the feeling tone of Prayer and confidently allow Spirit to speak freely through you  

Becoming fluent in Affirmative Prayer supports all of your personal and professional relationships and endeavors.  It’s a great addition to meditation and yoga courses, healing modalities, coaching and counseling sessions, and can be utilized in all areas of your life. 

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A Practitioner is not merely a body of knowledge, but rather a state of consciousness that realizes oneness with the Infinite. Dedicated to first demonstrating the New Thought/Ageless Wisdom principles within their own life, a Practitioner then serves as a therapeutic agent of the Spirit for the upliftment of anyone who requests healing of body, mind and spirit.- Michael Bernard Beckwith

The Sacred Order of Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioners is the healing arm of the Agape spiritual community. We are a service order dedicated to realizing the consciousness of Truth and Wholeness in the Agape community and the world at large.

The classes below, from our core curriculum are prerequisites to the Professional Practitioner program:

– Awake and Activate: Unlock Your Spiritual Power
– Prayer 1
– Meditation 2.0: The Evolution of Consciousness
– Life Visioning
– Mysticism
– Roots of Agape / The Answer Is You / Spiritual Liberation
(one of these three classes are required)
– Prayer 2
– Self Awareness
– Pre-Prac Prayer and Principles

Our two-year program is a deeply experiential consciousness-building process which includes specific studies that prepare candidates for advanced participation in spiritual community. This innovative curriculum is intended to develop the necessary skills associated with the art of spiritual counseling, community building and spiritual leadership.

– Professional Practitioner Studies I – (30 weeks)

– Professional Practitioner Studies II – (30 weeks)

Students are encouraged to actively participate in the course by completing growth work assignments on time, sharing in large and small group dialogues, asking questions, and other activities as assigned by the instructor. Growth work assignments are designed to reveal, expand, and develop untapped areas of your mental, emotional, and spiritual self. Growth work, done earnestly and sincerely, allows students to discover a deepening and expansion of consciousness, leading to a more self-realized individual who’s unified with all of Life and ready to activate their unique gifts and talents. Growth work varies from course to course, and each instructor will provide the necessary details and expectations.

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Carlton @ agapelive.com

*Year 1 and Year 2 Course Prac Studies Prerequisites


Agape has a uniquely designed program for ministers-in-training. Everyone who hears the call to ministry knows that it comes from a deep and abiding desire to devote your life to serving God first. We invite you to spend time contemplating your call into ministry and allow the vision of your path to service to reveal itself.

Note: You must be a licensed practitioner to go into ministerial studies.

For more information, please contact: AUadmin@agapelive.com

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