Soulful Success: Robbery, Limitation & Hindrance Not Included

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All of life in this three dimensional world presents itself as a paradox of seeming pairs of opposites. Our job – and we do choose to accept it – is to see through the duality to the one power, the one Presence underpinning our universe. Once we learn that it’s all about balance, then it’s not a balancing “act” but a balanced state of mindfulness.

My life is compelled and propelled by the energy of pure Spirit!

The all providing presence of God is the only support system I need!

I walk with the power of peace in every step I take!

My mind is a welcome place for divine ideas to take root and blossom!

I am a prayerful, grateful expression of God’s love!

All is well! All is well! And so it is! Amen!


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