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Agape University

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Home Page of the Agape University of Transformational Studies and Leadership. We are delighted that you have found us. Our University’s name and our mission originate in the word “transform.” Birthed through a visionary process, our University offers a curriculum that is more than just the typical academic accumulation of information and credentials, it is about a curriculum that seeks to bring each student into the awareness of their own self-realized state of expanded consciousness and existence.

We offer a unique transformational education program that cultivates and integrates an individual’s evolution of consciousness spiritually, intellectually, and professionally. Central to our studies is the integration of spiritual traditions and practices from ancient wisdom to New Thought, to current modern day quantum physics. It is our goal to develop ground-breaking leaders; students who emerge from our university and who are committed first to their own spiritual transformation, then as leaders in their own communities, and ultimately as transformational leaders for the world.

You are invited to peruse our class offerings. The University offers classes that are warm, welcoming, fun, interactive, and chock full of spiritual wisdom, spiritual principles, practices, and processes that lead to nothing less than spiritual transformation.

Agape University Classes

Our classes are designed to tap into the genius within. Our curriculum is deliberately constructed to be high voltage and energetic so that one’s personal, interpersonal and organizational and old paradigms are shattered, leaving the learner fully open to exceptional insights, brilliant revelations, inspired wisdom and intuitive knowledge. Individual classes incorporate deep wisdom teachings, emerging sciences, mystical explorations, prayer, visioning, meditation, experiential activities, and transformational processes; as well as tools and strategies for moving beyond their current paradigm and belief systems.

Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and apply the spiritual principles and practices they are learning to their daily activities. Students leave our classes excited, changed, and transformed from inner realizations to outer manifestations. They find themselves living a more purposeful life embracing love, wisdom, compassion, creativity, and selfless service. They are truly emerging as the transformational and transcendent leaders of the 21st century!

Ministerial Studies

At Rev Michael’s request and direction we are undergoing a major reorganization of the Agape University Ministerial program.  For this reason we will not be taking any new students until the Winter of 2014.  We will announce the launch of the new program and hold an Open House Reception late Fall 2013.

We feel that ministers are called to ministry by an inner voice that is strong, committed and dedicated to a life that serves God, New Thought Ageless Wisdom, and others. We invite you to spend time listening to what calls you to want to be a minister and the vision of ministry that is coming through for you while you await our reorganization.  Upon reopening our program, applicants will be interviewed by the Application Panel of Ministers.

Agape University Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is meant by “Transformational Courses?”
Our courses are designed to change a person’s life. The classes do not simply deliver content. While new information is part of the curriculum for each class, it is not the ultimate goal or outcome to merely acquire new information. Students are asked to set intentions for change in a particular area of their lives, dedicate themselves to doing the work for change to happen, and commit to the discipline necessary for the emergence of something new in their lives. The classes utilize a unique whole brain approach to learning which taps into multiple intelligences of the learner (visual-spatial, verbal, logical, musical, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist), and taps into the different ways in which learners learn—auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Learning is fun, insightful, and transformative! Most people want the world to change while they remain the same. Our aim in these classes is that you change, and as you change, the world changes with you! Because you show up differently, you discover a “world that works for everyone!”

2. I am interested in taking classes at Agape University, but I don’t know where to start.
There are several ways you can begin your journey through our transformational courses.
You can begin
• Where your heart calls you to start. You may take any class for which there is not a prerequisite. Some classes are 5 weeks in length and others are 10 weeks.
• With courses taught by Reverend Michael. He does not teach every Term, so be sure to check the schedule to see when he is teaching.
• With courses in spiritual practices, or courses in foundations of spiritual principles, or in courses on prayer, meditation, and visioning.
• With courses in creativity

3. If I am interested in becoming a Spiritual Practitioner, how do I get started?

There is a special link which explains in detail the road to Practitioner Studies. Please go to that link now.

6. If I am interested in the Ministerial Program, where do I begin?
Our ministerial program is opened to licensed Agape Practitioners. There is an application process and an interview required before entering the program. If you hold a Practitioner’s licensed from another spiritual center, you may apply and go through the interview process; however there may be additional classes required for you to take that were not offered during your practitioner training experience. Acceptance under these circumstances will be conditional. Final acceptance will be subject to the completion of any additionally required classes. Any additional requirements will be determined on a case-by-case basis after your application has been reviewed and you have had your initial Interview .

If you are not already a licensed Practitioner, you should go to the link which explains what you need to do to complete the UTSLA Practitioner Transformational Studies Program.

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Prosperity. Is it magical thinking, or a genuine science? Do we possess a spiritual gene motivating our desire to be prosperous? Must we work hard at it, or is it as simple as developing a new mindset?

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