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Do you feel like everything seems to be against you, or that nothing ever seems to go quite right for you? What if you were to discover the true nature of Reality, the Universe, and the Cosmos?  This amazing 3-week class just might be what the Dr. has ordered, Spiritual Dr. that is. You will come to know yourself as a supreme spiritual idea held in the mind of God. Through prayer, meditation and experiential processes, you will awaken your soul’s memory of God.  You will be urged to challenge your beliefs, opinions and judgments, thereby gaining a clearer understanding of how these impact universal laws. No more are you a  victim of circumstances, you become a victor over all circumstances!




From New Thought to New Living. Join us in this transformational 5 week journey, through the minds of New Thought luminaries. We’ll also focus on Rev Michael, his influences and contemporaries, and deepen our understanding of the unique roots of Agape’s teachings.

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Recorded Class
with Michael Bernard BeckwithProsperity, Plenitude & Infinite Possibilities   You can still register for the recording of the class through December 31st.
Agape University – Practitioner Preview 2019

September 12th, 2019     6:30 PM – 9:00 PM     On-Line   

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It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Home Page of the Agape University of Transformational Studies and Leadership. We are delighted that you have found us. Our University’s name and our mission originate in the word “transform.” Birthed through a visionary process, our University offers a curriculum that is more than just the typical academic accumulation of information and credentials, it is about a curriculum that seeks to bring each student into the awareness of their own self-realized state of expanded consciousness and existence.

We offer a unique transformational education program that cultivates and integrates an individual’s evolution of consciousness spiritually, intellectually, and professionally. Central to our studies is the integration of spiritual traditions and practices from ancient wisdom to New Thought, to current modern day quantum physics. It is our goal to develop ground-breaking leaders; students who emerge from our university and who are committed first to their own spiritual transformation, then as leaders in their own communities, and ultimately as transformational leaders for the world.

You are invited to peruse our class offerings. The University offers classes that are warm, welcoming, fun, interactive, and chock full of spiritual wisdom, spiritual principles, practices, and processes that lead to nothing less than spiritual transformation.


Agape University Classes

Our classes are designed to tap into the genius within. Our curriculum is deliberately constructed to be high voltage and energetic so that one’s personal, interpersonal and organizational and old paradigms are shattered, leaving the learner fully open to exceptional insights, brilliant revelations, inspired wisdom and intuitive knowledge. Individual classes incorporate deep wisdom teachings, emerging sciences, mystical explorations, prayer, visioning, meditation, experiential activities, and transformational processes; as well as tools and strategies for moving beyond their current paradigm and belief systems.

Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and apply the spiritual principles and practices they are learning to their daily activities. Students leave our classes excited, changed, and transformed from inner realizations to outer manifestations. They find themselves living a more purposeful life embracing love, wisdom, compassion, creativity, and selfless service. They are truly emerging as the transformational and transcendent leaders of the 21st century!


Agape Ministerial Studies

We have created a unique, well designed, and wonderful program for ministers-in-training.

Everyone who first hears the call to ministry knows that it comes from a deep and abiding desire to devote their life to serving God. God first! It is an inner voice that is strong, committed, and consecrated to a visible life of high public service that surrenders all to the Divine Omni-activity of God. We invite you to spend time listening to what calls you to want to become a minister. Let the vision of your ministry come into its fullness through your quiet, contemplative time.

If you are hearing the call to ministry and you are a licensed practitioner, please contact us and let us know of your interest in our program. We will be happy to send you a pre-application form which is the initial step in our application process.

For general questions, email Rev Susan Shahani at

Professional Practitioner Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Practitioner?  What do they do?  A professional Practitioner is a licensed spiritual counselor who has answered the call to put God first and foremost in his/her life. An Agape Practitioner has engaged in a rigorous consciousness building process which includes specific studies that apply to and prepare the student for advanced participation in spiritual community. The principles of New Thought Ageless Wisdom are the foundation of this training which is intended to develop skills associated with the art of spiritual counseling, community building and spiritual leadership.  This specific course of study allows the student to recognize the power of consciousness and understand Universal Spiritual Principles which, when applied in earnest, can uplift, heal and provide comfort to those who come to him or her for prayer and spiritual counseling. An Agape Practitioner turns first to prayer and meditation as spiritual technology in healing and counseling others. A Practitioner holds the confidence of clients sacred and inviolate. In the law, a Practitioner is recognized as the first level of the clergy, and has privileges of non-disclosure of confidential communications made during counseling sessions, except where such disclosure is mandated by law.


For more information or questions, please contact:
Rev Susan Shahani

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