Theme of the Month: The Art of Letting Go

Your life is a Divine masterpiece, a unique manifestation of a cosmic unfolding. You are not one of 8 billion, you are one of One. You are the only you that will ever exist. As you have heard me say over the years, “If you don’t do you, you won’t be de done!”

The calling upon your soul is to uncover and activate your wonderful uniqueness and to live in the full expression of it. Your life-quest is not about getting or acquiring. It is about remembering, activating, and realizing your true innate Being. Your life practice is one of practicing the Art of Letting Go. You are encouraged
to learn to let go of worry, to let go of doubt, to let go of resentment, and to let go of the old nontestimonial stories that you use to define you.

The Art of Letting Go moves you into a feeling-tone of allowing the good of God, the unadulterated good of Life, to have free reign over your livingness.

Oftentimes, folks have some trepidation in letting go and surrendering to the onrush of Life because they are afraid of losing control, and then they unconsciously live a life that is primarily made of fear-based defense mechanisms and emotional triggers. However, you are built for love, joy, bliss, generosity, creativity, and more!

Integrate your intention to let go into your daily prayer life and meditation practices and you will discover that your capacity to carry and hold more of the cosmic energy that reveals itself as love, intelligence, beauty, spiritual power, and more are magnified. And you will no longer live simply trying to manage your life, but you will LIVE your life in the vibration of Letting Go to more good than you can possibly imagine!

Let go, Let God! Let go, and let Life have Its way with you. You’re going to love it!

Peace and Blessings 


Rev. Michael B. Beckwith
Founder & Spiritual Director