Theme of the Month: Rise Up To Meet Your Miracle

There is an old saying that says, “There is a miracle with your name on it.” The truth of the matter is that there is always a miracle waiting for you. Folks used to believe that they are waiting for their miracle, but in truth, the miracle is waiting for you! 

Now why can I say that? Because what we call a miracle is an instant demonstration of Truth, of something that already exists in the heart-mind of the Infinite or in the quantum field of infinite possibilities. Your miracle exists in a Higher dimension. So, in essence your miracle is waiting for you to lift your
vibration to where the solution is and stabilize that frequency until manifestation occurs. When you regularly enter affirmative prayer, meditation, Life Visioning, sacred study, hanging with high company (spiritual fellowship), and other yogic practices, you are lifting your frequency until there is a vibrational match with answers and solutions for your life that already exists beyond the physical world of appearances. Remember, your prayer work and spiritual technologies do not change the heart-mind of the Infinite or influence God at all. Your spiritual practices put you in alignment with what really is and then what really is influences you, changes you, and transforms your perception that you may see what is Real, until it becomes the activity of your awareness. Get Ready for your miracle! RISE UP! IT IS WAITING FOR YOU EVEN NOW!

Peace and Blessings,


Rev. Michael B. Beckwith
Founder & Spiritual Director