Theme of the Month: THE GREAT WORK— You’ve Been Chosen

You’ve been chosen to participate in what is called The Great Work. First, The Great Work is remembering that your Real identity mainly resides in the realm of the invisible. Who and what you really are is a living multidimensional soul that can’t be seen by the physical eye. You are eternal, timeless, and can never be compromised by death or any loss. As you remember this sacred truth, you live in the world bringing all the gifts of your invisible self and allow the true pattern of your incorruptible being to emerge and shine in this dimension. You have chosen to develop the courage to be your Real Self while the gravity of this world is trying to make you something else.

Secondly, by your living, sharing, and vibrating at the frequency of your God-self, you assist in waking up those who come across your path to the Truth of their being. Your life is to be a reminder that we are all spiritual beings having a human incarnation and thereby live to shine the light of beauty, love, compassion, generosity, and more to the best of our ability in any given moment. You have come to serve as a reminder to those who have forgotten and gotten caught in the game of practicing who they are not to the degree that warring and other unconscious behaviors have become their norm.

Now, why do I say you have been chosen? Because you chose you. You chose to be here and to reveal yourself, your Real Self, in the realm of this dense Earth plane. And because you are either listening to or reading these words, something is now working on your behalf to wake you up. To loosely paraphrase Gautama the Buddha, once you hear the Dharma (Truth), your destiny of awakening is assured. If you are listening, hearing, and practicing, your destiny is assured and you’ve been chosen. Surrender to You, the Real you, and choose again to be the difference in every life you touch.

Wake up!

Peace and Mighty Blessings, 


Rev. Michael B. Beckwith
Founder & Spiritual Director